Say it with me….Izakaya

That’s right-this type of restie is our new favorite type of eating/drinking kinda place (Cleveland take note). It all started with Mac Mac, TracieMidori and Uncle Wes – all said that Izakaya was the awesome.

This is a good example of a kanak attack

We thought they were dealing with their glaucoma issues, but apparently, they’re right – Izakaya is the shiznit.

Using Wikipedia as the answer to the world’s problems, izakaya means literally “to stay” and “sake shop”. Stay + #drinkydrinky = HAI!

And the first place we had a chance to check out an Izakaya place….Chizakaya in Chicago (Chicago + Izakaya = Chizakaya). Located at 3056 N Lincoln Ave this place is perfect anytime because of the $4 – Sapporo pints and $4 Kirin Ichiban pints all day-every day.

Cocktails + Sake + Beer

Entrance to Chizakaya

Confession: I love nasty bits. Nasty bits are commonly referred to the innards and the parts that no one wants to eat, I love them all: gizzards, skin, hearts, tongue, cheek, etc…Yes I said it…I love the nasty bits. Don’t you love the nasty bits too?!?!

If I was in Chicago right now…I’d be eating at @Chizakaya multiple times a week. Easily I’d vote this as MUST-EAT in Chicago.

Besides, who doesn’t want to eat Chicken gizzards, baby octopus, duck hearts, beef tongue, and chicken skin…I’m so in. As you know, @NoReservations loves the Nasty Bits too.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…