So I guess I missed the memo on “Meatless Mondays”

Sheeesh, here I thought Meatless Mondays was code for a lesbo orgy of some sort.

Wait, #MeatlessMondays doesn't mean lesbo orgy?


Well, in order to be apart of the “in crowd”, here’s a simple but oh so eggslutty mid day snack: soft eggs on thick cut world-famous Boudin sourdough bread.

QLF's simple foods: Egg and bread

Yep, we do like a little texture to our eggs so we got that slight crust around the outside of the egg.

Best part? first slice into that yolk.

yolkey goodness

Bright creamy thick richness covers the bottom of the plate. Meanwhile, you slice your bread like a samurai and sop up the goodness w/ your thick cut slice.

Of course the sourdough is non-toasted so that you can totally utilize full capacity of it’s sponge like soft innards.

Go ahead…soak it up. You know you like it juicy, sloppy, and moist.

Fork me bitches...I'm done.

Pardon the Eggslut. @NoReservations would be so proud.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…