Discussing /dispelling some deer rumors this week with a few pros.

Since our tomatoes have been ravaged by deer, we will be embarking on a more aggressive approach to deer scare tactics.

You dirty fat bastard!

Tried every old wives’ tale in the book – human hair, dog hair, dog urine, human urine, automatic lights, mint, deer resistive ground cover, poles, boxes, etc….you get the idea. Sadly, none of these have really been successful.

But the tomato pros all say tiger urine or tiger doo doo is the sure-fire solution.

Tiger whizz

But I am unsure on where to get this stuff…cause it’s not like I have a tiger hanging out here at QuarryLaneFarms.


Aside from Charlie Sheen, the only other place in close proximity that I could get tiger stuff is the Cleveland Zoo.

Let’s see…how would that play out…

CZ: Thank you for calling the Cleveland Zoo, can I help you?

M: Yeah, I’d like some tiger piss and tiger doo doo please.

CZ: Ummmmmmmmmm

What the tiger deuce?

Yeah, that phone call is going to be awesome. $10 says the Cleveland Zoo just hangs up on me.

Otherwise, I’m going with my trusted abatement technique.

This is my rifle, this is my gun. One is for shooting and one is for killing these MF deer that keep eating my tomatoes!


Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…