Popping into Washington DC, I decided to check out Jessie Taylor Seafood.

In my research, this open air seafood market has been around since 1794…that’s means this place is legit!

Jesse Taylor Seafood in Washington DC

Not filled with the typical tourists or buses with wrinkley gawkers from Florida, this safe haven of seafood is a great local establishment. No tourists = my kinda place.

So plot your GPS units down to 1100 Maine Ave SW in Washington DC.

Recommended dish? Maryland Blue Crab-duh!

I got crabs bitches!

I suggest a dozen crab per person. Get 6 male and 6 female.

Just like school, boys on one side, girls on the other side

This way, you can taste the differences in crabs (Females have sweeter roe). See the two crab carcass with orange-colored roe.

Crabs here are very much alive and feisty.

Once you got your dozen purchased, go across the alley and look for these guys.

On the spot – steam your crabs!

They will steam your crabs for you in bushel baskets.

Bushel baskets galore!

They will ask if you’d like your crabs steamed with or without spices. Get them spiced. Don’t be alarmed when they dig into a gigantic plastic garbage can pictured below and dump a generous cup full in with your crabs. That’s how it’s been done for years.

Spiced or not spiced?

Once steaming, they give you a ticket with a number.

Ordering your steamed crabs is pretty complex system

How do they know when they are done? Well, they have a few elementary school timers on the wall.

Bzzzzzz – Time’s up bitches!

Obviously not glorious conditions to work in, but well worth the wait.

Steam it baby

When done steaming, they will toss your steamed crabs in a brown paper bag.

Take bag to adjacent dock located about 100 ft away.

Bag of blue crab

Open bag and enjoy your crabs by  the dock.

Put your face right in the bag and take in a deep breath of fresh blue crab goodness!

Throw your discarded shells to the waiting ducks in the area.

Crab al fresco

This isn’t pretty. Consider bringing napkins or towels.

BTW-female crabs have a different bottom. heh heh.

Females have….er….wider flaps

These wider flaps on their undercarriage will help you distinguish between male vs female crabs.

Pop off the flap

Pop the flaps open first to gain better access to the inner crab au jus. BTW-the best stuff in almost all crabs is the stuff in the head.

While dining dockside on blue crabs, enjoy watching the airplanes land at Reagan International Airport…

Romantic dockside dining

BTW-don’t bother with their clam chowder. It sucked. Nothing fresh about it.

Clam chowder from Jesse Taylor seafood


I’ve made better chowder in bed…well, that’s what I tell the hot chicks.

Overall, a great time with the locals from Washington DC hanging out dockside at Jesse Taylor Seafood in Washington DC.

QuarryLaneFarms reporting live from DC…