Well, why not go back and check out the other places…like Captain White’s Seafood City in Washington DC.

Seafood at your feet? Why not.

One of the locals told me that Captain White’s raw oysters = the money shot.

Is Capt White in today?

How can you go wrong with a place using “Seafood City”?!?!?

And at 6 for $7…why not!

Shuck for a buck? Hello? Hello?

This gal shucking oysters wasn’t very good.

With these poor shucking skills…

She basically spilled all the juice out of the oyster as she shucked them. WTF?!?!??!?

C’mon – I need that juice!

Honestly, it was painful for me to watch this. Excruciatingly painful.

The one good thing is that Capt White had a place for people to sit down. Apparently his peg leg sometimes needs a rest.


Then again, 6 oysters shouldn’t take you more than a minute to finish.

Well, here’s the “money shot” of the oysters on the plate.

Raw bar here!

As you can see, not much juice at all and also served with the wrong shell too.

A marker for a good oyster place = serve you raw oysters on the half shell IN THE DEEPER SHELL…not the shallow side. Amateurs.

The 6 oysters from Capt White’s Seafood City

The shucker said these were medium-sized oysters fresh from Virginia. She claimed all were briny.

Of the 6 oysters, first 2 were briny as advertised, the other 4 had no taste. I was not impressed.


Capt White-I’m done with your bivalves.

Aye matey!

Thanks but no thanks.

Reporting live…dockside in DC…