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Dire need of some comfort food, we pulled into Superdawg (@Superdawg) to see our friends Maurie and Flaurie.

Started in 1948, this ancient old-school staple in Chicago has a running 64-year love affair w/ hot dog aficionados across the world.

The Orig Superdawg in Chicago

Having a few minutes to relax in the 100+ degree weather, we opted to grab a few standards.

Proper ordering techniques at Superdawg

Superdawg – $5.50

Not a wiener – not a frankfurter – not a red hot – but our exclusive… Superdawg™. On a poppy seed bun, we tenderly place the loveliest, juiciest creation of pure beef hot dog (no pork, no veal, no cereal, no filler), formally dressed with all the trimmings, escorted by our often imitated, but never equaled, Superfries™. Served with all the trimmings – golden mustard, tangy piccalilli, kosher dill pickle, chopped Spanish onions and a memorable hot pepper.

Magical Superdawg box

So let me make your life easier, repeat after me, “Superdawg dragged through the garden please!”

Superdawg dragged through the garden

Unboxed for you – Easy peasy right?

And you know it’s going to be good when this little magical box can barely stay closed.

Magic awaits you inside

Love it.


Superonionchips – $2.85

Superonionchips – New favorite add w/ my Superdawg

Also these magical love chips made its way into our order. SO. FRICKIN. DELICIOUS.

Side of cheese was a bonus…cause who doesn’t love melty cheese.

(We’re going to have to go back to Swenson’s to see which one is better).

Just realized that we eat at alotta drive-ins, so here’s a pro-tip: If you’re going to a drive-in, STAY IN YOUR CAR.

You look like a bunch of friggin idiots in the parking lot if you’re walking around.

You’re doing it all wrong!

Maybe these fatties were getting out to exercise.

So enjoy those Superdawgs in the vehicle and embrace the “Drive-ins” as they are a part of American history. God bless the USA.

Superdawg is USA

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Another action packed day here in the 50th state.

Started out great with a great kamaaina breakfast from McDonald’s including rice, eggs, Portuguese sausage and of course the official meat of Hawaii – Spam. All of this for just $5.

The Kamaaina special

And you can add this to your “only in Hawaii file” because the utensils come with Aloha Made shoyu.

Aloha Shoyu fo sure...

Pre lunch plans included yogurt from one of our food consultant’s favorite: Cherry on Top.

Cherry on top yogurt

Very impressed as the choice of toppings was double when compared to Pinkberry or Menchie’s.

Choose wisely...

Either way, their mochi balls were softer, plain yogurt was a bit more tart, and I am kinda digging the Captain Crunch.

My yogurt view

BTW-I think this should be their poster child for their 2011 advertisement.

Cherry on top's (should be) 2011 advertising campaign

Of course a trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without a trip to our favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Please come to Cleveland...

We sucked our coffee and tea down just in time to arrive at the world-famous Hank’s Haute Dogs.


And of course a personal tasting with Hank himself!


Awesome French Fries: Castle Rock potatoes, twice cooked and crispy





Hank's awesome fries


Psssst! Apparently they just changed the process on their fries which makes them so crispy and awesome. A well deserved 3+ day process, these fries are awesome.

Sweet Onion Rings: Sweet onions dipped in crispy panko batter.





Sweet onion rings


Onion rings were awesome as usual and the dipping sauces are a must. Aside from the aioli, your great dippings should also include the ketchup curry. Just put this ring on her finger cause it’s still so. Damn. Good.

Bratwurst: Milwaukee’s finest, perfectly steamed, brown mustard and sauerkraut.





Hank's Bratwurst


Often times, I am given terrible yellow mustard and miniscule amount of sauerkraut. Hank made sure of providing a great dog that was loaded with superb brown mustard and a shovel full of sauerkraut which is crunchy and delicious.

Inside the Brat

Captain of Encased Meats, you are my friggin hero.

Hank’s Haute Dog Bratwurst = 8.5/10

Chili dog: Chicago dog with Hank’s homemade chili, raw onion and cheddar cheese.





Hank's Chili Dog


This fine dog was smothered in this homemade chili which was outstanding. Now, I make a mean chili…but this chili was the flavors and no filler…meaty. And with the generous portions of onions and cheese, I’d say this is pretty close to a great haute dog.

Hank’s Haute Dog Chili Dog = 9.0/10


Here’s the running tally so you can compare/contrast on this extraordinary journey of hot dog redonklousness…aka “HD2010″:       

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Cheddar hot dog = 5/10       

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Mustard onion hot dog = 6/10       

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Chili onion hot dog = 5/10       

Costco’s Hot Dog combo = 7/10      

Tucky’s Chicago = 4/10     

Tucky’s Cleveland = 3/10     

Tucky’s Kansas City = 7/10     

Tucky’s Detroit Coney Island = 8/10     

Happy dog Thai Chile garlic stirfry bok choy kim chee cucumbers = 5 / 10   

Happy dog Killer Steak Sauce, garlickey escarole, smoked gouda cheese, habanero picked red onions = 6 / 10   

Map Room Bar The “Municipal” Stadium Dog: all beef hot dog with ketchu and stadium mustard = 4 / 10   

Map Room Bar Chicago Style Dog: Vienna Beef Hot dog with relish, onions, sport peppers, mustard, tomatoes.= 3/ 10   

Euclid beach Coney dog: Vienna Beef coney topped with chili, mustard and onion = 7.0 / 10   

Map Room Bar The Drew Carey: All beef kosher dog topped with BBQ sauce, slaw and fries= 6.5 / 10   

Hank’s Haute Dog Bratwurst = 8.5/10

Hank’s Haute Dog Chili Dog = 9.0/10

Note: The running list will be published to accompany all dogs posts to help you embrace the full effect of “HD2010″.       


Truffle Mac n Cheese: Penne with white truffle scented cheddar crème.



Truffle Mac-n-cheese


I guess we have always overlooked Hank’s Truffle Mac n Cheese, until today. Surprisingly served with the cafeteria lady penne pasta, the cheese was creamy and the topping was great. Small problem – I gots no truffle! Unless I missed the staff with the shaver and the lump of white truffle, no truffle could be found.

But since it’s Monday – the star of the show is clearly the Italian Beef! For reference, I believe the best Italian beef comes from Max’s or Portillo’s in Chicago.

Hank's Italian beef

Soft, juicy and melt in your mouth, I can’t think of a better way to spend your lunch hour than stuffing down this boheamous Italian Beef sandwich. Perfectly served with sweet and spicy toppings, it just doesn’t get better than this in Hawaii.

Aloha Italian Beef

Dear Hawaii, if it’s Monday, you need to get a few cause this is the closest anyone has ever come to an Italian Beef in the entire state. Super ono au jus.

Just keep in mind, Hank’s Monday Italian Beef = kanak attack

Kanak attack

Well, a short time later, I was walking into nostalgia. Bubbies located on Waiua across from the old Moose McGillacuddys and Varsity Theatre was the perfect afternoon snack.


With dirty names for almost all their pies I felt right at home.

Dirty dirty...heh heh heh

“Eat my balls” or “More than a mouthful” or “Functioning Prostate”…You get the idea.

Yes- nothing has changed since I took all my high school girlfriends there for late night ice cream. Tasty indeed.

Stuck in time = perfect

By the time I checked the watch, dinner was upon us.

So 4 types of fresh poke from Tamura’s and a lot of cold LongBoard beers accompanied our evening plans.

And I couldn’t imagine a better diner pairing for our CoCo Curry House. OK OK – so it’s called the Curry House now…big deal. As you can tell, I still have the same order: Chicken Katsu Curry.

Chicken katsu curry

Crispy katsu, delicious curry and rice makes for a great evening.

At this point, I sip my 12th Longboard Island Lager from the Kona Brewing Co with my t-shirt barely holding on and my pants unbuttoned…Awww yeah.

Reporting live from the 50th state…

QuarryLaneFarms will be closed from September 30th thru October 10th.

Where are we going? Food exploration to LA and Vegas (and hopefully, we’ll remember some of it!).

Welcome to Vegas (Photo cred: Mark Mosher)

But while in LA and Vegas, our list (for your review):

Father’s Office – Thanks to Chef Sang Yoon and Chef Daniel Boulud (After Hours)

Pink’s – Yes, will make it into #HD2010.

Kogi Truck – The hunt is on!

Ludo Bites – Because we are praying that Chef Ludo Lefebvre (@chefludo) will say “6.0 in Fall 2010” starts on 10-01-10.

Philippe’s – OK we’ve been there already, but ITS. SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Roscoe’s Chicken ‘n Waffles – Just cause (Thanks to @chicrunner)

Joel Robuchon – The most influential Chef of this century gets the nod. Mmmmmm. Bourdain would be pleased.

Fleur de Lys – Chef Hubert Keller’s place – who doesn’t love him? Never fear, we still love Eric Ripert (@ericripert)

Lotus of Siam – @Cleveland222 and @Khwatts highly reco

Street – Top Chef Master Susan Feniger’s restaurant.

California Hotel Aloha Specialties – for their plate lunches of Portuguese Sausage Eggs and rice, saimin, etc…

In-n-Out Burger – 2 Double doubles-animal style with crispy-fries animal style please.

Jack in the Box – Cause I need me some tacos!

RM Seafood – Chef Rick Moonen (@RickMoonen) fortress of seafood. Thanks @JoeG2001 for the reco.

Let us know if we are missing any key places/recommendations.


Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms

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