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Trying to recreate Chef Remy’s Ratatouille.

Disney’s Remy

With guidance from world-renowned Chef Thomas Keller from the French Laundry and Per Se.

Chef Thomas Keller

Pixar’s Ratatouille

QuarryLaneFarms’ Ratatouille

Well, kinda….looks…like….it…….sorta.

Dammit…so close.

But ours is SO ono. #munchamuncha

Reporting live from Pixar….I mean QuarryLaneFarms…

Again, great event and fundraiser for VeggieU to benefit the 10th Annual Food and Wine Celebration!

VeggieU – heaven on earth…in Milan, Ohio

So, in my humble opinion, my most favorite dish out of the 55 different food stations….California Grill!

Yep that’s right-I chose the Executive Chef from California Grill located at a Disney’s Contemporary Resort of the Walt Disney World Resort restaurants.

Chef Brian Piasecki

Hailing from the magic kingdom, Chef Brian Piasecki has been at the lead since January 2009 and is currently redesigning the California Grill to add new stuff for his guests.

Scheduled for a reopening in late summer/fall of 2013, Chef Piasecki has been hard at work enhancing his menu while you’re there to visit Mickey and Donald.

Heirloom Tomato Risotto with Basil foam and aged balsamic drizzle

Perfect use of tomato in what is otherwise a relatively heavy overpowering dish.

Now you would think the robust risotto would overwhelm the delicate heirloom tomato…nope.

Now you would also think the aged balsamic would completely lead. Not. At. All.

Again-the heirloom tomato lead the way.

Risotto perfectly prepared, for a large crowd for mini servings over a 4-5 hour duration period, much kudos.

Special thanks to International Veggie Champion Farmer Lee Jones and crew – these tomatoes were prefect and Chef Piasecki popped  a fresh one for us to compare/contrast. Farm to table indeed!

I don’t think I had any basil foam, but I am pretty sure we got some chopped basil.

Either way, just delicious.

Just a few thoughts on this rainy Saturday morning.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

On Saturday Food Network was in town filming for The Great Food Truck Race in Cleveland.


Show me the money shot!

That’s right – the culinary gods goosed by Chris Hodgson (Hodge’s, DimHodgePodgeTruck, and Dim and Den Sum). Nice!

So we found them all loitering around the Gordon Square area on Detroit..and a perfect day for being outside!

One of the main contestants was Pop a Waffle (@popawaffle) was there. “Serving delicious gourmet waffles on a street near you!” – yep, they are from California.

We’re going back to Cali….to Cali…to Cali….

Oddly, the lines weren’t long but lots of loitering going on.

Pop my cherry…I mean waffle

Typical setup for a food truck.

Window-1: order and pay / Window-2: get your food

The dude working the expiditer position needed a bull horn. His semi transparent water cup wasn’t loud enough.

Singing in the truck….just singing in the truck….

Singing was just OK too.

In looking at their menu, I wasn’t quite sure if this was a joke. A bunch of Californian types serving a polish boy?

Polish boy: a classic in California

I honestly believe trying to serve a Polish boy in Cleveland might have been a lame attempt to attract the Cleveland crowd.

Plus I really wouldn’t deviate from Seti’s – my current marker for an outstanding PoBoy.

Their $2 lemonade was over watered. Easily could have passed for nursing home beverage. C’mon-not cool!

BUT the crew was serving their signature dish – Fried Chicken and Waffles.


So of course we ordered it.

Two quarters of waffles, syrup and a chicken drumstick.

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken crust was crunchy but bland. Good texture but no taste.

Chicken was bland. Didn’t seem like they brined it prior. All good fryers know one must brine their chicken.

Powdered sugar looked like it was dusted from space.

Additionally, the chicken wasn’t cooked through either.

I like my chicken…a little bloody

And here’s the face of my Fried Chicken Master, @cleveland222

If you like this face, you should see the hair

That face says it all.

Not saying much when your primary waffle is soggy and your chicken needs salt.

But when you call yourself Pop a Waffle, I expect to #getsome. I got neither popped…or waffled. Maybe more like “bewildered about a waffle”

So I predict this team will be headed back to California sooner than later.

Pop your Ohio cherry and head back to California

Plus their twitter presence is rather bland. If you’re going to be on a national frickin show, get a twitter account and use it. One tweet does NOT make you “in the game”.

Tweet me @popawaffle…NOT! Psych!

It just makes you look bad.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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