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Forced to make a stop at McDonald’s yesterday.

Also this song was stuck in my head…So that didn’t help.

I ordered this…

Big Mac!

I expected to get this…McDonald’s iconic sandwich.

Big Mac please!

Instead I got this…

This doesn’t look like what was featured on the sign

Who do we need to blow to get Ronald to step up his game?!?!?

Wanna see my Baltic Ave?

Is that Ronald’s O-face? Jeez, at least hold her hair.

As usual, fast food is just cheap food.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

So according to The Washington Post, there’s a Gyro place called Plaka Grill that we just HAVE to check out.

Get your nails done after you have some gyros at Plaka Grill

Yes, I am skeptical because I am pretty much balls deep on Steve’s Gyros at Cleveland’s West Side Market.

My favorite: Steve’s Gyros at Cleveland’s West Side Market

So while exploring Washington DC, decided to check out Plaka Grill.

Inside walls of the restie are painted to represent outside walls of other buildings.

Weird decorations

Classic order is the Plaka Gyro.

Name-sake gyro

Restie was er… I was kinda skeptical. I guess that’s my order of fries came out quick and hot.


I am unsure on what the special seasoning is…but I would venture to say salt and pepper and dried oregano.  Nothing to write home about to Uncle Mikinos.

Would you like some oil w/ your fries?

As I started to eat my fries, I really don’t think they let them rest. These fries were still very greasy. Way greesey.

Then their name sake gyro arrived. Fatty boom ba-latty

Definitely more fat than long…kinda like your mom.

Fries that were inside this gyro was also greasy too.


Fairly large…but not as big as Steve’s…cause size matters.

The 3  small slices of bland tomato was completely unnecessary

Bland tomato = not happy

Marinated medallions of pork? WTF is pork doing in my gyro? Isn’t it supposed to be lamb?

I’d like more meat. This is a gyro right?

French Fry Gyro

2 little fingers of raw red onions…that’s it. Booooooooooooo

Busting out

Grease ruined the tzatziki cause all I taste is grease.

Tzatziki sauce should bind everything together

Yep…more slippery than a crack whore on payday.

Way too greezy for consumption

Slick Rick’s greezy meat at Plaka Grill in Washington DC is not worth your trip.

Staff at Plaka

I suggest you check out Steve’s Gyros at Cleveland’s West Side Market.

Uncle Mikanos approves of Steve.

Reporting live from a forest of greezy fries…

Dear Carl Jr,

Let’s talk about your new flagship Memphis BBQ Burger.

This looks good.

What Carl makes you believe…


This does not look good.

My Memphis BBQ burger

Dry like the Sahara, stiff slice of cheese, room temperature patty, and stale bread.


What the deuce…looks nothing like what you tout. Memphis would not be happy.

First bite…bleh

But I guess if you keep showing commercials like this…

…I’m sure someone will eat it.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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