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When did you start at QuarryLaneFarms?

I started cooking at QuarryLaneFarms back in 2003 when they first started.

What’s the difference between “farm” vs “plantation”?

Plantations are large estate that only grow one single crop. While a farm grows all different kinds of crops at various times of the year.

When was the first time you were on TV?

I was in 5th grade. I made the news on the latest craze…yo-yos! I did a loop-dee-dee-loop. Not bad for a 5th grader huh?

What is that sandwich at the top of the page?

It has been dubbed “the World’s Greatest Sandwich” thanks to Chef Thomas Keller. No seriously, Google it. Soo good.

Where were you born?

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. But the rest of the staff hails from all over. I think Chicago, Illinois / Bainbridge, Ohio / Washington Twp, Ohio…just to name a few.

Do you have a ghostwriter? How do you find the time to blog?

All me all the time (Apologies in advance). Blogging? WordPress allows me to immediately post, stagger or schedule a blog post anytime. Though, I usually write during lunch as I am stuffing my face.