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Check off another goal from our 2011 line staff and goals (reference the 2011 list here)

Little bunny Fufu....on the menu

How about dem apples…I mean…rabbit.

Almost as awesome as The Sitch and Top Chef 10 Arts’ Jennifer Carroll’s Rabbit Paillard here.

Have a great week everyone.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….

Wednesday! BravoTV’s TopChef finale!

And QuarryLaneFarms original picks from September 2010 (reference here).

Top Chef Jennifer Carroll (10 Arts by Eric Ripert in Philly) = eliminated 2nd round

Top Chef Jennifer Carroll - Our favorite hot mess!

Top Chef Dale Levitsky (Sprout in Chicago) = eliminated 3rd round

Top Chef Dale Levitski - Our favorite

Last hope – and our pick = Top Chef Richard Blais (TrailBlais and Flip in Atlanta).

Top Chef Richard Blais - our winning pick as tonight's Top Chef All Star!

I give a hearty meatball nod to a competing Guido (Mike Isabella – @MikeIsabella):

Eh, no ack! Brah, you stay from Jersey! #Fistpump

But for us here on the line, its #TeamBlais

Our pick: Blais! Blais! Blais! Blais! Blais! Blais!

With our eyes glued to the tube tonight….We’ll be blogging.

Reporting live (with BravoTV) from QuarryLaneFarms…

It’s the year of the Rabbit!

Kung Hee Fat Choy - Year of the Rabbit

So in honor of the new year, we wanted to bring you….well…um…err…rabbit!

Little bunny Fufu hopping through the forrest...

Heh heh heh…Feast your eyes on the best rabbit I’ve ever had!

Rabbit Paillard with baby arugula orange fennel, olives, whole grain mustard sauce

This perfectly prepared hoppity hop hop was perfectly crusted G-B-Dee-frickin-licious. Lightly dressed arugula gracing the top with random slices of orange provided wifs of citrus – honestly, this entree is pure perfection. The peaceful whole grain mustard sauce base was rich and beautiful.

Now, I realize that I lured you in with Chinese New Year stuff and truth be told, the term “paillard” is a French technique that uses thinly sliced meats in fast cooking. Too bad. Life sucks and things change.

Hold up...We got a Situation!

Repeat after me, “Rabbit Paillard with baby arugula orange fennel, olives, whole grain mustard sauce…”

The best rabbit I’ve ever had….period.

Served by #sexy Top Chef Contestant Jennifer Carroll (@ChefJenCarroll).

Miss Hotness herself - Chef Jennifer Carroll

So if you haven’t gone, you should go: 10 Arts by Eric Ripert with Chef de Cuisine Jennifer Carroll in Philadelphia, PA.

BTW-Save yourself the agony and get a double order of warm pretzls too.

See ya MoFos!

Oh, how is Chef Carroll IRL? Scary…like kitchen is quiet…no one talks except for her….like change your Underoos scary. But that’s another story.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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