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Since Food Network was doing their food truck filming this summer, I think a few of the other local food truck folks wanted to get in on the show.

I’ve never been to the Touch Supper Club Food Truck (been to the restie, but not the truck) so I decided to pop on by.

Also secretly hoping they had some Spam on their mobile menu too.

Touch Supper Club – Kiss my Grits mobile!

Also huge kudos for using a local Cleveland company and local parts.

Those Rustbelt guys are pretty awesome

Having a short attention span and ready to try something different, of course I was going to bust out the 2 for $7 special…and maybe a shrimp taco too.

Menu for the masses

Touch crews working hard and sweating away

Serving the masses

Pulled pork tacos: Apple rosemary BBQ sauce, Cheddar, lettuce, and crispy onions. (2 for $7)

Pulled Pork Tacos from Touch Supper Club’s Food Truck

They were OK as the BBQ sauce might have over powered the taco.

Glad to see an entire leaf of lettuce there too…not the usual shredded cheapo stuff from other vendors.

Apple rosemary BBQ sauce was nice…but I think it might have either been more of a chutney than sauce.

BTW-from what I know, that’s not exactly cheddar. Perhaps a “Colby” descriptor might better suit this taco.

Fried Mac and Cheese tacos: Crispy Fried Mac & Cheese, lettuce, pancetta, scallion, and sour cream. (2 for $7)

Fried Mac & Cheese taco from Touch Supper Club’s Food Truck

These were just we OK too.

In the first bite, it was kinda dry as I didn’t get much sour cream…the binding agent.

Good crisp on the Mac& Cheese, but insides were barely warm.

What scallion?

All the ingredients individually are great, but if there isn’t a binding agent then it’s a cobb salad without dressing.

Maybe an addition of some pancetta creme fraise?

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Taco: Marinated shrimp, bacon corn salsa, and lettuce.  (2 for $7)

Cilantro Lime Shrimp taco from Touch Supper Club’s Food Truck

Shrimp was well cooked and I enjoyed the non-bacon corn salsa.

But there could have been a better binding agent to tie all these separate items together…maybe like more salsa in the corn or maybe goat cheese.

Maybe avocado.

Having great ingredients is the foundation of great dishes…but if you don’t pinpoint the thread that binds them together, your tapestry of culinary genius will unravel before your eyes.

Jeez-I gotta stop reading fancy novels.

So I’m reading…

If you really want to know, I was unimpressed by the national food trucks that came here for the race. Nothing to write home about.

But good day to see our local Cleveland food types mob the scene and support our local food folks.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

So Potbelly finally decided to open a store in Cleveland…HOORAY!

Obviously one of our more favorite sandwich shops from Chicago…we are now glad to have my wreck readily available.

So braving the first day crowd, we opted to check it out.

Balloons adorned the front entrance. Reps from corporate darted in and out of the crowd saying a 15 minute wait..

Welcome to Cleveland Potbelly

It took us about 22.

Potbelly reps holding up the post

But once inside, a festive crowd seemed to be enjoying their sandwiches in the shop.

Out of my way…I need a wreck!

Also there was some kind of live entertainment.

Smelly Cat….Smelly Cat…

Weird right?

Classic Potbelly restaurant w/ the loop line, to the counter.

Getting closer….er….sorta

Now what surprised me was they had a staff member assigned to a tablet taking orders to help speed things up.

Wreck please!

NICE! Groovy that they kept it all aligned right. Orders were all correct.

When I got to the first counter, they said they were out of cookies.

Where are my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?


Focus on sandwich…Focus on sandwich…Focus on sandwich…

We had Ms. Bacon Makes Everything Better! making our sandwich. Things were looking up.

Ms. Bacon Makes Everything Better!

She asked us if we want it hot….Ahem, those that know – get it hot.

Potbelly sandwiches

Simple unassuming bag with a few descriptors needed because you are about to an experience a wreck

A Wreck – Salami, Roast beef, Turkey, Ham & Swiss cheese (Orig)

A Wreck

This is, in my opinion, their signature sandwich.

Get it with everything….esp get it HOT. That’s right, if you don’t order it hot, you’re a pansy.

First bite bliss

Ordering it hot allows you to get a bunch of chopped pickled spiced sport peppers. So frickin good.

Yeah I’ll say it….they were little perfect explosions in my mouth.

It’s also the perfect blend of mayo mixed w/ onions and the cornucopia of meats. As they melt together and get happy, the sandwich gets sloppy…like your mom.

A Wreck should really be…..well…a wreck

If you don’t have juicy stuff running down your arms, you’re doing it all wrong.

Just remember to do the Guy Fieri hunch or hose yourself down post sandwich.

Hose yourself down after lunch will ya

Awww yeah, it’s that good.

Mushroom Melt – Mushrooms, Swiss, Provolone & Cheddar Cheeses (Skinny)

Mushroom Melt

This one was on their “economy” menu. Sandwich, but skinnier.

Mushroom monotony

Meh. It had mushrooms on it…but to me, it wasn’t anything special.

So, what did we learn here today….Hmmmm.

Look-if you’re going to pop your Potbelly’s cherry, roll up your sleeves and just get A Wreck.

Wait, wasn’t your “first time”  a wreck too?

This is NOT the wreck you want.

More importantly Pansy, get it hot.

Now don’t call me Shirley and get your ass down to the new Potbelly restie.

Welcome to CLE!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Cleveland

515 Euclid Ave

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Hours are M-F: 11a – 7p / Sat: 11a – 3p

Thanks for the great sandwich shop and location Craig. See you VERY soon.

Also-I think they are opening up a store in Mayfield Heights later in the Summer/Fall.

But don’t wait to get your Wreck.


Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Wait a second….Cobb salad?

Our Cobb Salad for two

Yes, here’s your cobb salad sir……What do you mean? Wrong?

Macro of QLF's Cobb Salad

QLF Cobb Salad: Grilled chicken, red onions, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, bacon, avocado, hard-boiled egg, and bleu cheese served on a bed of iceberg lettuce and olive oil/red wine vinaigrette

Hold the phone…

Ok-I just did some internets-ing and it’s supposed to have watercress. Fricka.

Wikipedia-you suck. Besides, I don’t know Roquefort…but I know Bleu – You’re my boy Blue!


Besides, I think if I was going to the Hollywood Brown Derby, I would order….well, something brown.

Reported the orig Cobb Salad at the Hollywood Brown Derby (CA) thanks to Disney for pic

But what do I know about food cause I’ve been doing it all wrong these years.

We’re not changing our menu #Muncha

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….

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