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Introducing the players of the @QuarryLaneFarms 2011 Banh Mi Blowout

Superior Pho (PhoRow in Cleveland) vs. Saigon Grille (PhoRow in Cleveland) vs. Bac (Tremont in Cleveland) vs. Asia Food Company (Chinatown in Cleveland) vs. Park to Shop – Deli counter (Chinatown in Cleveland)

Test your Banh Mi knowledge – Can you tell which one is which?

Who’s excited? Any predictions? Place your bets! Do you know the winner?

Stay tuned…Cause as always-

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

If you wanted to know, I’m working on a Banh mi blowout.

…aka where to get the best Banh Mi in Cleveland.

Fist pump for this sandwich

Keep your pants on…

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

I admit, its been a busy traveling June for stuffing my face working…

Strolling through one of the many cool neighborhoods in Chicago, we decided to again take the advice of local Cleveland foodasauruses @Cleveland222 and @khwatts and Chicago munchas @lmuehara and SouthernMatt – and we headed to Lincoln Park for Del Seoul (@Del_Seoul).

Del Seoul in Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago

Bustling sidewalk traffic keeps this place busy as the staff cranks out tons of local favorites.

Located at 2568 North Clark Street (daily from 11a-10p) – this easy access location is perfect for a quick bite or lunch on the go.

Lines are brisk and inside is brand spankin new.

Order at the counter....and pick your underwear from your schweaty crack

Inside, you order your food and they table card you with flags.

Yup, she's still picking her undies out of her ass...

Since it was a beautiful day in Chicago, we opted for the take out (Take Away for you across the pond fans).

Our peeps said to go for the gipper and try the Kimchee fries…twist my arm.

Kimchee fries? I might be in love

Kimchee Fries: French Fries topped with sautéed kimchi, onions and pork belly scallions, melted cheddar and jack, sour cream – $6.95

Kimchee fries

The fries were delicious but we wished they were more crispy. The pork belly was delicious and as you can see, the world is covered by the melted cheddar and jack as well as a healthy dose of sour cream.

Our line has mixed emotions on warm kimchee.

Cheese everywhere

Cold will bring the texture and crisp out in the foods


Hot will bring the kimchee juice into the fries.

Fry me bitches.....

I guess the great debate for fries and toppings wage on.

Either way, we will be ordering these again.

Kalbi Tacos: BBQ beef short rib, cilantro-onion relish secret slaw and sesame – $2.50 each

Kalbi Tacos

Despite the LA sounding tacos, this was just OK. I prefer more crunch in my tacos esp since it says slaw. Also Kalbi needs to be shredded more. for cleaner easier bites.

Korean BBQ “Banh Mi” Sandwich – Spicy BBQ Chicken: Spicy Grilled Chicken w/ soy, garlic and Korean Chilis – $5.75

Spicy BBQ Chicken Banh Mi

Chicken was well prepared, but my guess is the line didn’t have a Korean on the line. Like your Mom, I wish it was more spicy. Bread was great.

Korean BBQ “Banh Mi” Sandwich – Korean Ribeye Steak (bulgogi): Korean style ribeye steak w/ seet-soy, soju marinade – $5.95

Korean Ribeye steak Bulgogi Banh Mi

Meat was seasoned well and the sandwich was meat heavy. NICE! We love how the bread soaks up the au jus from the bulgogi.

Korean BBQ “Banh Mi” Sandwich – Sesame-chili shrimp – Hand-battered panko shrimp, sesame-chili aioli, banh mi veg – $6.95

Sesame-Chili shrimp Banh Mi

This reminded me of a LA PoBoy more than a Vietnamese Banh mi. Probably because of the heavy aioli.

Shrimp PoBoy or Shrimp Banh Mi

BTW-Just because you add Japanese panko to your deep-frying of shrimp…doesn’t make this more Asian.

Either way, this my #2 pick because it reminded me of a shrimp PoBoy.

Korean BBQ “Banh Mi” Sandwich – Spicy BBQ Pork: Korean Gochujang marinade, Tangy sweet, smokey and grilled – $5.75

Spicy BBQ Pork Banh Mi

This should be their banner sandwich. as. it. was. freaking. delicious.

Lots of heat here in the gochujang (or kochujean sauce). Got the hint of sweet and smokey for sure. Grill marks? Damn straight!

Show me your grill marks!

Best part? It was stuffed to the max w/ delicious succulent pork.

Just unbutton your pants and order two.

Either way, Del Seoul will be on our Chicago list for great food and great location.

Munchamuncha yobo fans…

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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