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Moules Frites anyone?

QuarryLaneFarms Moule Frites #munchamuncha

Moule = Onions, salt, shallots, garlic, white wine, mussels, bleu cheese, parsley, and green onions.

Frites = Crispy shoe string fries, black pepper, rosemary, truffle oil, and truffle salt.

Instructions: Devour a few mussels, dip your fries in the broth, kiss the Chef. Repeat.

Open wide hunnay!

Guaranteed to find your pantalon on the floor. #FoShizzle

Special thanks to one of my favorite fish mongers, Chris at Whole Foods in University Heights.

One of my favorite fish mongers – Chris from Whole Foods University Heights

If you really love food – you’d easily know your fishmongers’ name.

Get on it peeps!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…


Wait a second….Cobb salad?

Our Cobb Salad for two

Yes, here’s your cobb salad sir……What do you mean? Wrong?

Macro of QLF's Cobb Salad

QLF Cobb Salad: Grilled chicken, red onions, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, bacon, avocado, hard-boiled egg, and bleu cheese served on a bed of iceberg lettuce and olive oil/red wine vinaigrette

Hold the phone…

Ok-I just did some internets-ing and it’s supposed to have watercress. Fricka.

Wikipedia-you suck. Besides, I don’t know Roquefort…but I know Bleu – You’re my boy Blue!


Besides, I think if I was going to the Hollywood Brown Derby, I would order….well, something brown.

Reported the orig Cobb Salad at the Hollywood Brown Derby (CA) thanks to Disney for pic

But what do I know about food cause I’ve been doing it all wrong these years.

We’re not changing our menu #Muncha

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….

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