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Across the country we go…this time, ending up in beautiful Portland, Oregon!

Despite the rumors you hear, Portland is a pretty chill city with super weird people here.

Catching up to a bunch of friends from college, we opted for the most collegiate thing around – the Habanero fritters!

Which eventually brought up memories of shots….case races….century club…hijacking christmas trees…printers hanging out of windows…TP main street from the comfort of your own bed…”Joel, grab my medical book!”…planting a soda machine in the elevator…flooding the basement of Harper…Epoxying the RA into his room until he cried….pretty typical stuff huh?

Super Cliffo! He's the kinda superhero that's an underwear only kinda superhero

Since we’re on Oregon: Goldschlager….2 for 1……Frickin Melissa.


Off we go…to Salvador Molly’s Sun Stop Cafe.

Al fresco dining please!

You may have heard of this place on Man vs Food since they are the ones with a “beat the heat-Great balls of fire” contest every year which pits normal human beings to wolf  down all five Habanero fritters with all de sauce. Do it and you get your picture on the wall and then a free t-shirt.

Check out the Adam Richman on Man vs Food video here.

Before our Habanero fritters appeared, we schnacked on their onion rings with dipping sauce and crab balls with typical salsa/sour cream sauce.

Onion rings with dippage


Crab cake balls

But then the main event….

Key the intro Darth Vader music….

These are the droids you’re looking for!

Dangerously innocent...terror awaits!

Yes, we decided to save our buttholes from disrepair later…so we only ordered three. One for each of us.

There are MF chunks of Habanero in the deep-fried balls which the sauce slathered on the bottom of the dish.

Can you see the chunks of habeneros!??!!??! Mayday! Mayday!


I’d tell you that they were perfectly cooked, but my mouth was on fire.

I’d tell you that it was salty savory, but my mouth was on fire.

I’d tell you that they were fried G-B-D, but my mouth was on fire.

At this point, my ass sent a text message to my brain and warned of the upcoming fanfare to follow that evening.

The NORMAL dinner came and their Jerk Chicken was slid in front of me. Gladly appreciated the spinach, but sadly it did not quell the fiery Habanero.

Jamacan Jerk Chicken

Again, I’d like to tell you that the chicken was Jamaican as rasta can be…but I’d be lying to you.

My mouth was on fire!

We blabbed the night away about Wyckoff Hall and traded collegiate shenanigans stories as we regained taste and feeling in our mouths…about 3 hours later.

Despite my 6 visits with a man about a horse later that night, this was a most pleasurable evening with old collegiate friends.

Holding on for dear life!

His love for John Deere makes every city guy like me a little queasy.

Deere me baby!

But hey-if he ever needed an extra nipple, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Tune in Tokyo!

Reportedly Mer’s got a blog, but I’ve never seen it.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Has it really been one year since we started this blog?

Happy Blogoversary!

Blogoversary! uncha-uncha-uncha

We started this blog on February 2nd, 2010: so what better way to recap one year in the blog-o-sphere with a list of my favorite posts, sexy time posts, and of course our favorite food porn.

Most favorite posts:

1. Boeuf Bourguignon and guest Chef Fornication Francois : This is one of my favorite posts because I actually write a character evolution piece using food and Julia Child as the vehicle. Brings me back to my creative writing class in college. I am most proud of this post.

 2. Cantankerous Clams – Cause you’re gonna want to lick the bowl clean : Start to finish, step by step, almost all pictures. Keepin it real yo.

3. What is the best part of a McDonalds cheeseburger? : This post/memory drove me back to childhood…like hanabata days kine. Almost like that moment in Ratatouille where one is thrust back into childhood. The post obv not so much about the actual food itself, but the actions around food that drives us to eat.

4. Iron Chef Cat Cora meets a stoned stager and photographer : My attention to gas station details are second to none.

5. Chef Rick Bayless, as an orphan, were you found on the steps of a church wrapped in a tortilla shell? : Did you just picture Chef Bayless IN a tortilla shell? I did.

Sexy time posts:

1. Top Chef Jennifer Carroll in a bikini, Bacon bikini, Padma licking BBQ sauce sweaty-naked or : The first started out as we mocked another Cleveland blogger. But with the popularity of Top Chef and BravoTV, these two posts seem to be very popular thanks to the bikini pictures, Chef Eric Ripert’s je ne sais quoi, and of course Host Padma Lakshmi licking. Grab a kleenex.

2. Wear your bikini for the 120lbs of pig Happy 4th of July – #oinkfest2010 : Cause our foodie friends are way cool esp since the piggy was so. damn. good. and the hot chicks in bikinis were outstanding. Love America on the 4th of July.

3. Symon Fieri QuarryLaneFarms Brown and DeLaurentiis: All in one place – Cleveland : One picture at the end (thanks HD) makes this post worth visiting. You’ll need a moment.

Food porn:

1. The Best Burger in the world is… : This post is still causing plenty of controversy. Food porn indeed as my vote for the best burger in the world.

2. Gigantic smoked turkey leg…Disneyland style. : Lotsa people with large pieces of meat. Nuff said.

3. @Nomnomtruck – The best banh mi sandwich ever #perfection #hotchick : The detail and close up/macro shots we took of this amazing sandwich is enough to get you a “culinary boner”.

Bonus: B-Y-O-Bacon at Mhenry in Chicago #eggslut : Just look at the last picture post. Happens to me all the time. “Don’t move, I’ll get you a towel…”

Entree the proverbial Bourdain phrase: “So what have we learned?” Well, I can easily say we here at QuarryLaneFarms enjoy our successes/failures of cooking, writing, photography, and of course eating. Our belief remains: Sharing your food is really sharing your soul, your thoughts, your imagination, and most importantly, the history of your family.

Thank you to all of our readers.

Special thanks to Joolie, Snoozie, Curtis, Giner, Sneakerhead, KHWattz, Ms. Veggie, Mr. Drenalin and of course all of our families. We’d be lost without you.

A wise friend said to me, “Keep drinking cause it gets better!”


Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Who? Cleveland Ohio Blogging Association Meet Up

What? Bloggers~!

When? Wednesday January 19th, 2011 from 6p-8p

Where? Whole Foods in University Heights (13998 Cedar Rd)

Why? Cause Meet Ups are fun (OK-so we’ve only been to one so far)

Are you going?

Whole Foods in University Heights (@WholeFoodsUTHts)!/event.php?eid=129460883780063&index=1

Foodies invade Whole Foods! Also kudos to Alicia (@PoiseinParma) for organizing event.

Keep your pants on, we’ll be there.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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