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Hello Chefs Garden and hello to the 10th annual Veggie U Food and Wine Celebration today at 5p!

We are looking forward to talking to a few of our favorites:

Celebrity Chef Amanda Freitag from Food Network

Everyone’s favorite skinny Chef Rocco Whalen

Food truck maniac Chef Chris Hodgson of DADS, HPT, and Hodge’s in Cleveland

The super tall Chef Lee Anne Wong International Chef traveler

Food network’s most sexy raspy voice Claire Robinson

The bearded Chef Jonathon Sawyer from The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland

Veggie pro and bow tie sexy time Farmer Lee Jones

Perfect veggies from Farmer Lee Jones…food trucks abound…I can’t wait to stuff veggies in my pants!

If you still need deets click here. Best part about tonight? It benefits Veggie U – the non-profit children’s education program that teaches the importance of nutrition and sustainable agriculture by providing interactive lesson plans w/ classroom garden kit to elementary schools and special needs students.

We’ll be there. Look for the aloha shirt.

See you there.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…


Oh. My. Gawd.

Do yourself a flavor and get yourself to this counter in Chicago.

Belly up to this counter

That’s right, this unassuming particle board adorned counter is the home of Belly Shack located at 1912 N. Western Ave in Chicago.

Tucked coozily beneath the EL stop, this little eatery is the diamond in the rough in the Chicago Bucktown skinny jeans / PBR drinking neighborhood.

Bong…bong…Doors closing.

Togarashi spiced fries with curry mayonnaise – $3

Togarashi spiced fries

These fries are just the right cut.

These fries are just the right crisp.

These fries are just the right size.

These fries are seasoned perfectly w/ a touch of heat.

These fries are served with just the right curry mayo for dippage.


Yo Fat kid, with the basket of fries, continue being fat cause this is what fries are all about.

Belly Dog topped with egg noodles, pickled green papaya and togarashi spiced fries – $9

Belly Dog

This hot dog has everything to please your Aunt Margaret and your senses.

Meat: Perfectly cooked dog with just the right snap in the casing. Juicy and savory indeed (#TWSS).

Taste: Sweet from the papaya, spicy from the kim chee salsa, salty from the juicy dog (#TWSS).

Texture: crispy fried egg noodles that contrasts the slightly firm bun makes all the difference. This is the money shot that makes it so delicious. Texture bitches.

And the first bite will make you blow your load.

skeet skeet skeet

And when you pair the hot dog with the togarashi fries, the pairing is a match made in heaven. It’s no wonder why this favorite place has received a Michelin Bib Gourmand award two years in a row!

Thanks to our favorite foodies Hank and Yuki on the tip – This is definitely one of our new favorite Chicago places – you gotta go.

So break out your dolla-holla bills and tip your staff like it’s raining up in the hizz-ouse cause this restie is a new add as one of our favorite Chicago #munchamuncha locations.

Just another outstanding meal from Chef Kim and his staff at Belly Shack. Mahalos!

Keep up the Ko-Rican thang as we’ll definitely be back for more.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

So we got a call from a California Casting Producer. Super nice gal and bonus…sounds hot too.

She asked if we knew about the BeatTheChefs competition with the cash prize. I said the only cash prize I needed was the $1 bills for the Friday night Champaign room…Make it rain MoFos!

I bet it’s tough in “nursing school” huh?

But apparently, it’s the real-deal cause the Game Show Network is popping a new show.

Here’s the deets peeps.


CALLING ALL HOME COOKS! It’s time to fire up your burners and break out your favorite recipes!

GSN (Game Show Network) and the producers of THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE, are thrilled to bring you BEAT THE CHEFS, an exciting new cooking game show that celebrates REAL people who make great food! BEAT THE CHEFS gives talented home cooks the chance to go up against some of the best chefs in the business, battle it out in the kitchen, and win a BIG CASH PRIZE!

We are scouring the nation for passionate home cooks from all walks of life. Are you a great cook despite never having been formally trained? Whether you are a chili cook-off champion, the queen of the bake sale, or just a whiz in the kitchen, now is your chance to see if your signature dish has what it takes to compete with our professional chefs! Gather up two of your family members or best friends as your sous chefs and pick the dish that you know will leave the judges begging for more!

We are looking for fun, outgoing teams of all ages. If you love to cook, have a competitive spirit, and think you have a winning dish, email us at Please include your name, age, contact info, photo, two proposed teammates (and their photos), a description of your culinary background and your signature dish! Put the CITY/STATE where you live in the subject line for priority!


Cleveland casting call to happen on Saturday June 2nd, 2012 from 10:00a-4:00p at Hodge’s in Cleveland (668 Euclid Ave).

Open casting call at Hodge’s in Cleveland, Ohio!!!!!

Maybe you  should enter. Maybe we should enter. Maybe your mom should enter.

Hmmm, what do we have in our cooler that we could make?

Anything on the bottom shelf??

Stay hungry my friend.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….

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