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Welp…I clearly effed this thing…

Direct heat for one hour = broke ass bowl

Gotta make another trip back to Chinatown.

Reporting from QuarryLaneFarms…

Seems like a perfect cool crisp day to make local style oxtail soup.

Ox tails in Chinatown

Don’t be afraid to buy it.

Yep-that's OH TAIL

BTW-have you ever heard of “OH Tail” before?

Speaking of OH Tail...

Who doesn’t love Chinatown!?!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Introducing the players of the @QuarryLaneFarms 2011 Banh Mi Blowout

Superior Pho (PhoRow in Cleveland) vs. Saigon Grille (PhoRow in Cleveland) vs. Bac (Tremont in Cleveland) vs. Asia Food Company (Chinatown in Cleveland) vs. Park to Shop – Deli counter (Chinatown in Cleveland)

Test your Banh Mi knowledge – Can you tell which one is which?

Who’s excited? Any predictions? Place your bets! Do you know the winner?

Stay tuned…Cause as always-

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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