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Last night’s service: Bento box!

As all the ladies say, “Totemo kawaii!”

QuarryLaneFarms' Dinner Bento Box

Molokai’i steak w/ carmelized onions and mushrooms, nappa zuke, Golden Delicious apples from Chesterland, rice w/ sesame seeds, and a chilled soba salad with our favorite, pink kamaboko with a miso vinaigrette sriracha soba sauce.

Lots of pieces and parts, but the compartments made it easy for service.

Maybe we should open up an Okazuya in the CLE (hmmmmm)

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…


Happy Mundays people – Get your TPS reports done!

Checked out Sweet Moses (@sweetmoses) located in the burgeoning Detroit Shoreway area of Cleveland.

Chalk menus at Sweet Moses

Old time soda jerk shop/ice cream parlor with some great decor!

The real deal with soda jerks - check out those syrups!

And if you think I’m a jerk for calling them “jerks”, you need to google search “Soda jerk“.

Jerk that soda water!

And I confirm that Sweet Moses’ ice cream sundae – do indeed come with a pretzel. Freaky deeky.

Ice cream sundae w/ pretzel

Gigantic barrel for their genuine made in-house root beer on the ready…so I HAD to order a root beer float.

Root beer barrel staunchly providing oversight at Sweet Moses

The classic root beer float was served in a frosty glass – NICE! Ice cream was great. The old guy behind the counter said their coolers are antique and hold the temps at a slightly higher temperature…thus the slightly softer ice cream. I kinda like it.

Sweet Moses Classic Root Beer Float

The homemade root beer soda was OK. To me, it didn’t have much “bite” – but hey, we love the decor!

As the Spring? Summer? Fall? ….look, whatever weather we have here in Cleveland we suggest you stop by after your dinner for some well deserved ice cream.

Just another great reason to love the CLE (which should include the full Cleve too).

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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