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Who travels to Fairlawn, Ohio for sushi? Well, apparently I did.

Ohio food folks talked about Sakura in Fairlawn like it was Godzillla approved…so I decided to check it out. Maybe I’d meet Mothra there too.

Sexytime Mothra


Salad from Sakura in Fairlawn, Ohio

Slathered on miso dressing on their salad was not a good start.

Pieces of iceberg lettuce were shredded gigantically…which would be nice if I was an ogre.

May I remind you that Japanese food is delicate which each bite is delicately positioned for maximum taste in minimum bites.

Simple, delicate and beautiful

See, told you

Miso soup – $1.95

Miso soup from Sakura in Fairlawn, Ohio

Miso soup was a tad salty, but I was glad to see tofu cubes in the soup. Some Japanese resties offer miso soup with an option of tofu since so many patrons ask “without tofu” – WTH! Miso soup MUST have tofu. End of rant.

Unagi – $5.25

Another marker we use for Japanese resties is the eel (Unagi).

Unagi from Sakura in Fairlawn, Ohio

The Unagi was OK. These thicker cut were hefty but seemed fresh.

As you know, the most common downfall of this dish is the drowning  of eel in sauce. Mediocre sushi joints submerge their eel in sauce to aid the patron in hiding the weird taste of eel. This is NOT how unagi was meant to be served. Happily, Sakura did not oversauce them…which is really nice to see…esp in suburbia hell of Fairlawn. Iidesu.

The toasted Sesame seeds always  have a mind of their own.

Perhaps a thinner slice would have helped the torching for a slightly crisper crust.

California Roll – $4.75

We also use the ubiquitous California roll as the marker of good sushi place.

California roll from Sakura in Fairlawn, Ohio

Just OK. Definitely needed more rice because these were smaller…and size matters right? Also Chefs probably should not have slightly brown avocado served. Maybe consideration to separate green from red….like avocado, then immitation crab meat, then cucumber. Also consideration to add more mayo…cause I didn’t get any.

Chirachi – $16.95

Chirachi from Sakura in Fairlawn, Ohio

Nice add-on the flower for beauty.

This Chirachi box was filled to the brim w/ stuff-NICE! The usual suspects made the box including some fatty salmon, chunk of eel, and really decent ahi.

I was pleasantly and ordered more rice to match up the fish w/ rice portions. Nice work Chefs!

Shrimp was the weird part of this one. I would have preferred small sweet shrimp as opposed to the Gidron sized tasteless gulf shrimp.

Overall, not a bad sushi place in Fairlawn and VERY well priced for in Fairlawn, Ohio!

Hell, I’m just glad to see suburbia types have an option for Japanese food.

I know many people are afraid of raw fish. So here’s a few step-by-step pictorial guide for all those “Real Housewives of Fairlawn” types.

Step-1: Try something different tonight.

Step-2: Don’t wear underwear.

Step-3: Eat raw fish.

Step-3: Eat raw fish.

Ahhh, the joys of raw fish…and welcome to the 90’s ladies.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Someone asked me today, “How do you know you’re at a hardcore Korean restaurant?”

I showed them this picture.

Bi Bim Bapp service prep at Choi’s

I also educated them in looking for these tell-tale identifiers too:

1. When the FOB waitress mixes your dol sot bi bim bapp right in front of you in the heaviest bowls on the most flimsy tray….

2. Typical stainless steel vat of ko chu jeun ready for use….

3. When the waitress doesn’t speak any English and pretty much yells at you in Korean…

Ahhh yes, I will be needing some Bi Bim Bapp very soon.

Who knows–Maybe this year, I’ll actually make more than just cucumber kim chee!

Good girls don’t eat Kim Chee

Annyeong haseyo bitches!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Zipping back into Cleveland Heights for a quick bite, we stopped by one of our favorite restie Lemon Grass.

Lemon Grass in Cleveland Heights

Gotta love the mix of people who dine here. College kids sitting next to college professors, suits enjoying dinner next to t-shirt and shorts, etc…

various patrons dining at Lemon Grass

Started with a quick order of Stam Rolls which were perfectly G-B-D (Golden-Brown-Delicious).

Stam Roll

Stam Rolls – $5.95

G-B-D for shiz

Although the 6 rolls were thin, we found them to be delicious! Delicious with a light drizzle of the sweet chili sauce.

Inside the rolls

Insides were perfectly cooked and texturally awesome.

Easy order rolls again #crunchamuncha

Our typical order of Pad Thai sounded like an easy winner.

Pad Thai: the most famous thai noodle dish rice noodles stir fried with chicken, shrimp, egg, ground peanuts bean sprouts, scallions and thai spices – $9.75

Pad Thai

A bit heavy on the egg this time, but still delicious as always.

Wish they had more bean sprouts and green onions-thus providing more crunch and temperature differences. Fresh crisp and hot and spicy.

Easy order again too.

Since we’re heavy on the starches, we opted to try some fried rice (my death row meal).

House Fried Rice: Shrimp, chicken green peas, baby corn, red peppers, onion and tomatoes served with a cucumber and a wedge of lime – $11.50

House Fried Rice from Lemon Grass

Meh, OK.

I wasn’t quite sure about the cucumbers or the lime.

To me, the only “sour” taste that should reside in fried rice should come from fish sauce (if you even use it).

The char siu, green onions, etc…seemed to be cut by a blind guy.

Rough chop means chopped by a blind guy

Or maybe they just seem to like really rough chopping stuff.

Seemed like there should be more volume for $11.50 right? After all, it is the “house” version.

Well, maybe the chef lives in an expensive house.

We also ordered the special of the night, which was described as Drunken chicken noodles w/ vegetables – $10.95.

Special dish: Drunken chicken noodles w/ vegetables

Don’t remember how much this was, but to us, it seemed like a pretty typical chow fun dish w/ veggies.

After finishing this dish, I wasn’t drunk either.

Though, I guess kinda Thai w/ the addition of basil.

Overall, pretty typical busy night here at Lemon Grass.

Crowd swelled during the classic 6p dinner hour and then subsided post dinner hour during our weeknight visit.

Typical Lemon Grass night

Service was standard and our waters got filled regularly.

Overall, a great restie to dine on a weeknight in Cleveland Heights.

Also stopping off at Big Fun before AND after dinner is awesome too.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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