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For those that missed dinner last night at The Greenhouse (@thegreenhouse) in Cleveland…and if you did, sign up for the Twitter!

Many mahalos to Food & Wine’s Best New Chef – Chef Jonathan Sawyer and his crews for their work. Awesome!

Yes, we have talked about Chef Sawyer and one of our favorite Cleveland restaurant The Greenhouse Tavern a bunch before….so to help your memory:

Loud and hilarious – the Greenhouse Tavern Chef Sawyer and his gravy frites



Devils-foie-clams-animal-style-frites-thegreenhouse #isitlunchyet

Lots of celebrity Chefs in Ohio for VeggieU @theChefsGarden 

Last night – What did we order? Why? Foodporn? Since most of you don’t like reading a TON…Of course we have the money shots for you today….

Devils on Horseback w/ Dee-Jay's bacon wrapped dates, almonds, bitter chocolate & roasted Fresno pepper

Foie Gras Steamed Clams w/ butter, red onion brulee, late harvest viognier vinegar & grilled bread

Hand Ground Beef Tartar Frites w/ pommes frites, egg, salted red jalapeno, Dijon mustard crostini & cornichon relish.Here's the money shot of the rosemary frites - In. Love. With. Them.

Fifth Quarter w/ tasty bits.....aka...Classic english deviled egg w/ shaved beef tongue

Well pipped with yolks and "bits" - Mayor @JoeG2001 approved

Duck Pasta w/ Ohio apples, strozzapreti pasta, pecorino peppato, duck livers, roasted red onion, duck skin cracklings & toasted breadcrumbs

Carbonara Style Frites w/ pommes frites, black pepper, pecorino cheese, poached eggs & pancetta pepato

Here's your @thegreenhouse Carbonara Pommes Frites money shot

Roasted Pigs Head w/ shrimp paste BBQ, raw vegetable salad, shallot mignonette, lemon wedges & lettuce cups

(In your best Gossip Girl voice) Oink me bitches...

Now we thought the skin or the chicharone was the piece de resistance in this dish. Sadly, the skin was soft and not crispy. Maybe we were dreaming of the Pork Highway again (Puerto Rico).

Peel back the Pig's Head skin and fat, and you find delicious juicy pork....

Juicy cheek meat #moneyshot

And of course we ordered dessert too…

Semifreddo (like kid time ice cream sandwich)

Who else loves an ice cream sandwich?

Again, thanks to Chef Jonathon Sawyer and staff for another outstanding meal last night.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….

Came across these pictures just now from The Greenhouse Tavern…Damn those frites!

Like reminiscing about Disneyland family trips and Clampette’s travel vacations of past…apparently I like my trips down memory lane – with food.

Devils on horseback: w/ dee-jay’s bacon wrapped dates, almonds, bitter chocolate and roasted fresno peppers –  $6.



Devils on horseback


Despite its mini size, this has been a perennial favorite of mine for quite a while. Though I acknowledge this is a common dish throughout England, the work that is put in just this little morsel of love is amazeballs.

Foie gras steamed clams: w/ butter, red onion brulee, late harvest viognier vinegar and grilled bread – $13.



Foie Gras Clams


Now THIS dish is just fun cause after you devour all the clams, you have those lonely pieces of crisp grilled bread that just begs to be dipped in the foie gras jus. Do me a favor and ask for more grilled bread now. Oh yeah, I won’t judge if you asked for a straw.

Animal style frities: w/ fried bacon, two fried eggs, whole grain mustard, mozzarella cheese curd and brown gravy – $11.



Animal style frites


Apparently this is a favorite of Iron Chef Michael Symon as indicated on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” show. Plate hit the table and the forks were in. Didn’t even have a chance to snap a good picture. Besides-how can you go wrong with bacon, fries, eggs, mustard, cheese and gravy? Yes you have chest pains-but just take a moment…cause I know you just wet yourself.

Odds are, you’d see Chef Sawyer there. Can’t miss him. And he’d prob hug you too – he’s just like a teddy bear.

It’s the holiday season so continue dreaming of the good stuff.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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