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Dire need of some comfort food, we pulled into Superdawg (@Superdawg) to see our friends Maurie and Flaurie.

Started in 1948, this ancient old-school staple in Chicago has a running 64-year love affair w/ hot dog aficionados across the world.

The Orig Superdawg in Chicago

Having a few minutes to relax in the 100+ degree weather, we opted to grab a few standards.

Proper ordering techniques at Superdawg

Superdawg – $5.50

Not a wiener – not a frankfurter – not a red hot – but our exclusive… Superdawg™. On a poppy seed bun, we tenderly place the loveliest, juiciest creation of pure beef hot dog (no pork, no veal, no cereal, no filler), formally dressed with all the trimmings, escorted by our often imitated, but never equaled, Superfries™. Served with all the trimmings – golden mustard, tangy piccalilli, kosher dill pickle, chopped Spanish onions and a memorable hot pepper.

Magical Superdawg box

So let me make your life easier, repeat after me, “Superdawg dragged through the garden please!”

Superdawg dragged through the garden

Unboxed for you – Easy peasy right?

And you know it’s going to be good when this little magical box can barely stay closed.

Magic awaits you inside

Love it.


Superonionchips – $2.85

Superonionchips – New favorite add w/ my Superdawg

Also these magical love chips made its way into our order. SO. FRICKIN. DELICIOUS.

Side of cheese was a bonus…cause who doesn’t love melty cheese.

(We’re going to have to go back to Swenson’s to see which one is better).

Just realized that we eat at alotta drive-ins, so here’s a pro-tip: If you’re going to a drive-in, STAY IN YOUR CAR.

You look like a bunch of friggin idiots in the parking lot if you’re walking around.

You’re doing it all wrong!

Maybe these fatties were getting out to exercise.

So enjoy those Superdawgs in the vehicle and embrace the “Drive-ins” as they are a part of American history. God bless the USA.

Superdawg is USA

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Alright, while in Vegas, went to Rick’s Restaurant on a recommendation from @JoeG2001.

Chef Rick Moonen speaking by flashlight

Top Chef Master Rick Moonen’s Vegas abode called RM Seafood is nestled deep inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel…almost out of sight. Sheeesh, this guy almost won Top Chef Masters! AND He got to oogle Padma…That’s almost better than Vegas.


 Easy to get reservations on a Wednesday night at RM Seafood, the gal laughed at me when I called there to inquire if I needed reservations.

With laughter in her voice, “Are you kidding?”

I replied, “Not really, but I guess we’ll see you there in a few minutes.”

It took us about 25 minutes as they placed ole Ricky in the way back.

RM Seafood front

Once seated, we observed a rather empty restaurant for Wednesday (Repeat after me: Vegas Buffets do NOT automatically = good food).

Rather empty on Wednesday evening. Also pictured, the front of the house gal that laughed at me when I called.

RM Seafood wait staff was quick with the menus, corn bread muffins and garlic butter buns appeared in front of us.


Can I just tell you how much I love garlic butter buns?


I also love that the bread is almost not quite cooked in the middle leaving a soft gooey mess for me to discover. NICE!


Now the menu is focused on seafood…raw seafood…so if you think you can order a cheeseburger here, just punch yourself in the nuts. WHO GOES TO A SEAFOOD RESTAURANT AND ORDERS A BURGER? And for all those unfriendly to seafood, Slick Rick has the typical cop-out items for you to order like chicken, beef, etc…so there is “something for everyone”.

The line is clean and lotsa steel adorn almost every inch of table and dry Boos boards adorn the line prep top. Trust me, you wanna eat at seafood joints that practice this kind of surgical clean. Additionally, you can tell a Chef by his knife – and those ain’t no Wal-Mart Ginsu special.

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor...

Before arriving, reading up on Ricky Ticky Tembo, the Vegas newspaper voted his Clam Chowder to be the best in Vegas.

Rick’s white clam chowder: Potatoes, littlenecks, fresh dill – $12

So the clam chowder arrived and I gotta tell you, the fresh dill was a welcome change to clam chowder. Obvs good.

Rick's White Clam Chowder

Additionally, it was nice to see that the veggies were all brunoised well and were slightly firm. Most places boil the hell out of the veggies, disrespecting the soup mantra (you should see what you’re eating).

You should see what you're eating...NICE~!

So I know little necks are small, but c’mon Rick-a-lick, we think you should have left them whole.

Show me the clams!

Top Chef Masters “Moon” Doggies: Shrimp corn dogs, cole slaw, cilantro mayo – $14

These came out lickety split as I assume these are frozen and then deep-fried in the fry-o-later 6000. Why did R-hizzy make “Moon doggies” for Top Chef Masters judges? I dunno. Maybe he just wanted to see Padma eat it. And we love corn dogs too.

Moon doggies

The insides were soft and whole chunks of shrimp were found throughout. We thought it could have used a touch more salt.

Crunchy outside, soft insides


The cilantro mayo was good and we honestly wanted more. Skin of the Moon Doggie was G-B-D and your line did a good job in the crust.


The coleslaw was scraggly and dry with hints of bbbbooooorrrriiiinnnnnggggg. Rick-o-Lus might want to consider meeting with his cabbage battalion as this coleslaw was a nondescript gray. Granted, coleslaw isn’t the main dish, it augments your Top Chef Masters Moon Dog with some fresh crispy action.

Back to the seafood!

I can gush on about seafood and the crazy pictures of R-dogg and Oprah located all over the restaurant, but hey, you already knew that right?


Chef Moonen is a proud graduate of the CIA with numerous accolades from La Cote Basque, Le Cirque and The Water Club. Most recently, his adoration of the sustainable seafoods has been talked about by foodies alike.

For us? Well, anyone who has foie gras add-on in their menu is good with us.

Can I have a side of foie with that...

Don’t worry, we didn’t order it….now kinda wished we did.

All of us should consider a sustainable seafood source and Chef Moonen’s got a good drum beat for us to follow.

Fishey love

Keep up the good work with your seafood Chef.

While Vegas lends the stereotype of sell out to many a restauranteurs alike, this Vegas restaurant is Rick-er-ree-doo’s only place. So if you happen to find yourself in Vegas and somewhat sober, make a stop to see the crazy funny Top Chef Masters Chef Rick Moonen at RM Seafood and get your seafood on.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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