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Evening all-

Gave myself a time out. Yep, I have been posting crap – and my constituents called me on it. Easily posting more pics of hot chicks than food…so time for a re-evaluation!

We’ll be meeting with a team of experts to make changes. Lots. Of. Changes.

What the deuce! Apparently, I’ve given you too much of this…


and way too much of this


…but not enough of this…


or this…


or maybe this…


or even this…


Look, give me a 2 weeks to retool this blog and make sure the world can go round again.

Mahalos for your consideration.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms dungeon…


Since Food Network was doing their food truck filming this summer, I think a few of the other local food truck folks wanted to get in on the show.

I’ve never been to the Touch Supper Club Food Truck (been to the restie, but not the truck) so I decided to pop on by.

Also secretly hoping they had some Spam on their mobile menu too.

Touch Supper Club – Kiss my Grits mobile!

Also huge kudos for using a local Cleveland company and local parts.

Those Rustbelt guys are pretty awesome

Having a short attention span and ready to try something different, of course I was going to bust out the 2 for $7 special…and maybe a shrimp taco too.

Menu for the masses

Touch crews working hard and sweating away

Serving the masses

Pulled pork tacos: Apple rosemary BBQ sauce, Cheddar, lettuce, and crispy onions. (2 for $7)

Pulled Pork Tacos from Touch Supper Club’s Food Truck

They were OK as the BBQ sauce might have over powered the taco.

Glad to see an entire leaf of lettuce there too…not the usual shredded cheapo stuff from other vendors.

Apple rosemary BBQ sauce was nice…but I think it might have either been more of a chutney than sauce.

BTW-from what I know, that’s not exactly cheddar. Perhaps a “Colby” descriptor might better suit this taco.

Fried Mac and Cheese tacos: Crispy Fried Mac & Cheese, lettuce, pancetta, scallion, and sour cream. (2 for $7)

Fried Mac & Cheese taco from Touch Supper Club’s Food Truck

These were just we OK too.

In the first bite, it was kinda dry as I didn’t get much sour cream…the binding agent.

Good crisp on the Mac& Cheese, but insides were barely warm.

What scallion?

All the ingredients individually are great, but if there isn’t a binding agent then it’s a cobb salad without dressing.

Maybe an addition of some pancetta creme fraise?

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Taco: Marinated shrimp, bacon corn salsa, and lettuce.  (2 for $7)

Cilantro Lime Shrimp taco from Touch Supper Club’s Food Truck

Shrimp was well cooked and I enjoyed the non-bacon corn salsa.

But there could have been a better binding agent to tie all these separate items together…maybe like more salsa in the corn or maybe goat cheese.

Maybe avocado.

Having great ingredients is the foundation of great dishes…but if you don’t pinpoint the thread that binds them together, your tapestry of culinary genius will unravel before your eyes.

Jeez-I gotta stop reading fancy novels.

So I’m reading…

If you really want to know, I was unimpressed by the national food trucks that came here for the race. Nothing to write home about.

But good day to see our local Cleveland food types mob the scene and support our local food folks.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

By now, especially with this weather in Cleveland, you have a kabillion chili peppers…and you haven’t the slightest clue on what to do with them.

Well, how about make your own chili pepper flakes!

Step-1: In your garden, find and pick red chili peppers.

Pick the red ones homey!

Step-2: Lay them all out on a sheet tray lined with parchment paper for a week to dry.

Step-3: Cut the tops off all the peppers. Wear gloves and try not to touch your eyes. If you go to the restroom, wash your hands 3 times before.

Tops off please!

Step-4: Set oven for 225, put tray with peppers in oven. Shake up tray every 30 minutes. The additional oven drying will also help the peppers release essential oils which will enhance the flavors of the chili pepper flakes.

Step-5: Consider wearing mask, goggles, and gloves.

With the possible chili pepper dust hazard from the food processor, consider all precautions/preparation

Step-6: Place all dried peppers in food processor and pulse to desired flake size. Be careful not to over grind.


Step-7: Place in airtight container.

Yes, it’s an airtight container

Step-8: Label and refrigerate.

QLF Chili pepper flakes

Voila. Chili pepper flakes.

Sprinkle liberally on various items and enjoy the fruits…I mean peppers of your labor all fall/winter long.

See, it wasn’t that hard right?

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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