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By now, especially with this weather in Cleveland, you have a kabillion chili peppers…and you haven’t the slightest clue on what to do with them.

Well, how about make your own chili pepper flakes!

Step-1: In your garden, find and pick red chili peppers.

Pick the red ones homey!

Step-2: Lay them all out on a sheet tray lined with parchment paper for a week to dry.

Step-3: Cut the tops off all the peppers. Wear gloves and try not to touch your eyes. If you go to the restroom, wash your hands 3 times before.

Tops off please!

Step-4: Set oven for 225, put tray with peppers in oven. Shake up tray every 30 minutes. The additional oven drying will also help the peppers release essential oils which will enhance the flavors of the chili pepper flakes.

Step-5: Consider wearing mask, goggles, and gloves.

With the possible chili pepper dust hazard from the food processor, consider all precautions/preparation

Step-6: Place all dried peppers in food processor and pulse to desired flake size. Be careful not to over grind.


Step-7: Place in airtight container.

Yes, it’s an airtight container

Step-8: Label and refrigerate.

QLF Chili pepper flakes

Voila. Chili pepper flakes.

Sprinkle liberally on various items and enjoy the fruits…I mean peppers of your labor all fall/winter long.

See, it wasn’t that hard right?

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Dire need of some comfort food, we pulled into Superdawg (@Superdawg) to see our friends Maurie and Flaurie.

Started in 1948, this ancient old-school staple in Chicago has a running 64-year love affair w/ hot dog aficionados across the world.

The Orig Superdawg in Chicago

Having a few minutes to relax in the 100+ degree weather, we opted to grab a few standards.

Proper ordering techniques at Superdawg

Superdawg – $5.50

Not a wiener – not a frankfurter – not a red hot – but our exclusive… Superdawg™. On a poppy seed bun, we tenderly place the loveliest, juiciest creation of pure beef hot dog (no pork, no veal, no cereal, no filler), formally dressed with all the trimmings, escorted by our often imitated, but never equaled, Superfries™. Served with all the trimmings – golden mustard, tangy piccalilli, kosher dill pickle, chopped Spanish onions and a memorable hot pepper.

Magical Superdawg box

So let me make your life easier, repeat after me, “Superdawg dragged through the garden please!”

Superdawg dragged through the garden

Unboxed for you – Easy peasy right?

And you know it’s going to be good when this little magical box can barely stay closed.

Magic awaits you inside

Love it.


Superonionchips – $2.85

Superonionchips – New favorite add w/ my Superdawg

Also these magical love chips made its way into our order. SO. FRICKIN. DELICIOUS.

Side of cheese was a bonus…cause who doesn’t love melty cheese.

(We’re going to have to go back to Swenson’s to see which one is better).

Just realized that we eat at alotta drive-ins, so here’s a pro-tip: If you’re going to a drive-in, STAY IN YOUR CAR.

You look like a bunch of friggin idiots in the parking lot if you’re walking around.

You’re doing it all wrong!

Maybe these fatties were getting out to exercise.

So enjoy those Superdawgs in the vehicle and embrace the “Drive-ins” as they are a part of American history. God bless the USA.

Superdawg is USA

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

This past Saturday we attended the monthly Earth to Table Dinner at The Chefs Garden (@TheChefsGarden).

For those Italy types, put your damn pinky down – we were in Milan, Ohio (Pronounced My-lan).

The Chefs Garden

The Culinary Vegetable Institute is housed at The Chefs Garden which is basically a beautiful log cabin built around a massive kitchen.

A log cabin built around a kitchen

Professional Chefs as well as aspiring home chefs, prepare yourself for a culinary boner when you see this kitchen. Premium veggies are at arms length in the garden – True garden fresh veggies – Hashtag that bitches.

Kitchen awesomeness

No wonder chefs and restaurants across the world considers this place as veggie mecca.

Things were in full swing as we rolled in – kitchen orchestrated by several talented chefs – a cocophany of sounds and symphony of motion followed wonderful smells.

Chefs on the ready (Pic credit Edsel L)

Good thing I wore my elastic pants….and spanks.

Plate and ready for the send (Pic credit Edsel L)

Chef Ellis was busy in the kitchen – but once he saw our VIP crew, he made time to walk over and say hi.

working hard (Pic credit Edsel L)

That’s what happens when you roll with hotness-1 and hotness-2.

On arrival, it’s easy to see that the bond between farmer and chef is really the foundation of best preparation/cooking. Farmer Lee Jones has been at the forefront in the fight for veggies particularly healthy eating.

Mr. Bowtie and Overalls - Farmer Lee Jones (Pic credit Edsel L)

Then in a touching add on, Farmer Lee Jones’ father stepped up to talk to everyone about the importance of supporting educational programs like VeggieU to our nation’s youth in eating healthy. True to form, his genuine speech moved many in the crowd with his passion for healthy diet. What a family!

Farmer Lee Jones Father - Father Farmer (Pic credit Edsel L)

The featured Chef of the evening, Chef Ellis Cooley from AMP150 at Cleveland’s Airport Marriott.

Chef Ellis Cooley (Pic credit Edsel L)

Chef Ellis Cooley (Pic credit Edsel L)

You can check out our previous reviews of AMP150:

And without further adieu….our dinner.

Staff started us with a red snapper cakes. Delicious.

Shovel Apps for all (Pic credit Edsel L)

Normally, I would smirk at the kitchy shovel used to serve the app, but it does fit the bill since, after all, we were in the middle of the garden.

munchamuncha app

Perfect morsel to start with – bite sized and delicious.

Assorted baby beet salad with Lake Erie Creamery Goat cheese fondue, candied spiced nuts, baby herbs

Beet salad (Pic credit Edsel L)

Normally, I’m not a beet kinda guy, but I did enjoy the fresh salad with super fresh baby herbs.

Beets galore (Pic credit Edsel L)

The goat cheese fondue was creamy goodness.

Velvet Mushroom Soup with chives, truffle oil, dehydrated mushrooms.

One of the standard dishes at AMP150, this creamy velvety soup is delicious. Drizzled with truffle oil, this smooth rich mushroom soup is shroom heaven.

Mushroom soup (Pic credit Edsel L)

And for those keeping score, yes this is so good, I would pour it in my pants.

Fresh bread / warm buns with butter. 







Warm buns


I just wanted to say warm buns.

Charcuterie Platter with Port Relleitte, Liver pate, red cabbage kimchi.

Charcuterie Platter (Pic credit Edsel L)

Ruuuhhhhlllmmaaann….Sorry, I can’t help but say Ruhlman when talking about Charcuterie…He does know his stuff. BTW-for those wondering, charcuterie is the preparation of meat products like sausage, terrines, ham, bacon, pate, and confits. So in essence, Michael Ruhlman knows his…….meat. Heh heh heh.

Back to the platter – Two completely different tastes. One was rich and imctuous…the other tasted like peanut butter and jelly. You figure it out.

Braised lamb in stew of dried beans, mint, natural juices

Fresh from the oven, these ba-ba pieces were quite fatty – but nice crust Chefs!

Fresh from oven - Baaa baaa Lamb

But once you cut through to the bone, the meat was SO tender…Like buttah.

I do wish that more of the fat melted off…or had a small straw to suck out the lamb marrow. And you just got the visual-sucking on a bone.

Roasted Lamb (Pic credit Edsel L)

Our staff really REALLY enjoyed the beans that lined the bottom of this dish. These heirloom beans had soaked up the flavors of lamb and were perfectly cooked. Can we order these heirloom beans from Farmer Lee Jones??

Beans beans...good for your heart....

BTW-what mint?

Slow roasted duck with braised caramelized endive, citrus.

Our duck came out relatively dry but flavorful – so it was just OK.

Quack quack - duck! (Pic credit Edsel L)

But the skin on the duck was like chicharone. Crispy, salty, savory and oh so cracklin goodness delicious.

Additionally, our mistake for trying to eat the citrus peels (Ahem @lzone). Apparently they were for flavoring and garnish. Doh!

Whole roasted carrots, parsnip puree, Picholine olives

This dish is truly the reason why you seek The Chefs Garden…veggie tastic. Carrots were perfectly roasted sweet and the parsnip puree was outstanding.

Roasted carrots (Pic credit Edsel L)

Puree was smooth and velvety – delicious! Different textures, perfectly seasoned and delicious veggies -now in this is veggie heaven.

Shhhhh, were going to start experimenting with parsnip puree. To quell any rumors, don’t worry, we didn’t take any parsnip from their kitchen (Just trying to avoid another TopChef Pea Puree debacle).

Brown butter kale homemade smoked kielbasa

Normally we like our kale pan fried so it’s a bit crispy…and this kale was a bit softer.

Kale and sausage-2 (Pic credit Edsel L)

Great bite sized pieces of kale with the crumbled homemade sausage was great.

Kale and sausage (Pic credit Edsel L)

Honestly, as a meat-a-terian, I should say “I wanted more sausage” (that’s what she said). But honestly, since this was listed under “gardens” category, I would have really enjoyed highlighting the kale.

The power of sausage compels you!

Unless, this is called SausageU (That’s what she said).

Roasted Cauliflowers pine nuts, Lake Erie Creamer Goat Cheese, beet vinaigrette

A colorful dish with Cauliflowers.

Roasted cauliflower (Pic credit Edsel L)

Prior to this dish, we usually prepare cauliflower raw….ie we’ve never had roasted cauliflowers before…but they were delicious! The beet vinaigrette was bright and with the creamy goat cheese, this dish was delicious.

Expediting station with Cauliflowers on the ready

Wish we had more pine nuts.

Baby fennel and figs fine herbs and fronds

We’ve had fennel – a raw bulbous root that has a distinct flavor. But baby fennel is soft and tender. Delicious!

Baby fennel (Pic credit Edsel L)

Figs and fronds were a nice add to the dish too. We would have never thought to add figs to our fennel with fronds.

All these F-words…..just fantastic.

Anson Mills organix farro piccolo celery root & leaves, pickles

Is this risotto? Creamy soft but yet al dente – Why must you mess with us?!!??!? Regardless, this is a great dish.

I can honestly tell you now…I love farro.

Farro (Pic credit Edsel L)

Hold the phone – Rice don’t be mad. You’re still #1 in my book, but I do love farro. Besides, it’s too tough to say, “two scoops farro!” right?

Reminiscent of his dishes at AMP150, Chef Ellis used celery leaves to accentuate this dish.

Farro me this...

Delicious. Celery toppings delicious. Using everything – nice job.

Floating Island citrus salad, anglaise, shiso / Petit Fours and Pavlova

OK–so here’s where we thought Chef Ellis was treating his glaucoma in the kitchen. Floating island as explained is fresh from his shag carpeted lava lamped decor living room. From the 70s/80s, this “classic dish” inspired Chef Ellis. Inspired? Well, it did inspire me to wear my high top converse shoes and listen to a few mixed tapes.

Pavlova (left) Floating island (center) and Petit Fours 0 Fennel nut bread(right) - (Pic credit Edsel L)

Pavlova was a dainty cookie….I’m not much of a dainty kinda guy.

To me, the Petit fours was the best part of this. Perfectly baked, warm chewy moist insides – this was outstanding. Ahem….

I’m still uneasy on Chefs explaining or demystifying the process to eat their dishes. A customer should be able to eat it and figure it out. You don’t see me explaining Spam do you?

If you attended, apparently we were told our table was loudest table at the event – Damn straight we were!

Our typical QLF topics: Party animal Lou F,, special cell phone pictures, threesomes, dating life, college, the twitter and of course blogging.

Do you know the QLF secret?

Farmer Lee Jones made a few announcements and drawing contest of a box of veggies at the end of the meal.

Also freshly announced Executive Chef Michael Lyons who will be taking the reins from previous Executive Chef Alfano.

Super nice guy - New Executive Chef Michael Lyons at The Chefs Garden (Pic credit Edsel L)

And starring in The Chefs Garden’s Chef-for-a-Day Program, Dave Whittaker from Live to Cook…At Home.

Yo Dave - Concentrating or falling asleep? (Pic credit Edsel L)

Much props to the young lad despite his reported head injury from kitchen wrestling with the crews. BTW-Did they show you The Goat? The Abe Lincoln?

For more info on the Chef-for-a-Day Program – click here.

Exploring the compound, we found there was a library onsite so you can reference any recipe in the world.

Library of cheffery knowledge

Definitely handy for sure. BTW-That’s not the “librarian”.

Celebrities alike have really embraced this family of farmers.

Julia Child with Farmer Lee Jones

As our crews snuck to the top level….

That's the signal gents....GAME ON!

Awwwww yeah.

….we found the Official Chefs Garden Luge Training Center.

Olympic Luge Training Center

 Apparently there were a few other food bloggers at the event too. Columbus blogger Jim Ellison (@cmhgourmand), Lori Crabtree (@Twixlen), and Nancy Heller of Fun Playing With Food .

Thanks to The Chefs Garden for providing a ticket so that we could experience this wonderful event first hand. And thanks and congrats to J-J for attending as our winner of our caption contest for a free ticket to this dinner.

In April 2011, The Culinary Vegetable Institute will host Chef Jeremy Martindale will be the featured Chef from the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale. These proceeds from these monthly events ultimately benefit VeggieU and their adventure for better healthy eating.

So if you haven’t gone, you should MUST attend one of these great dinners! Well worth the trip and experience.

Huge mahalos to the Chefs and staff at The Chefs Garden. Do enjoy your trip today to Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago (take me please).

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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