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As luck would have it, we decided to try out Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont for a late breakfast.

Lucky's Cafe...more like "Lucky we found parking"

And true to our mantra, we all ordered two breakfasts. #fatcamp

Nestled on the corner of Professor Ave and Starkweather Ave, this not-a-lot-of-parking-spaces is not funny to deal with…espically when I’m hungry.

With outdoor seating in the fair weather months, it is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat.

Obviously, they were featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives so we were a little skeptical of Lucky’s…But truth be told, we were astonished to see the garden in plain sight with fresh veggies being harvested for breakfast/lunch service. NICE! Trust me, there were many different varieties to be had and though this garden doesn’t wholly support their entire kitchen, it is very reassuring to see Chef Heather Haviland working the magic.

Lucky's Cafe garden in full swing

Their menu is manageable (I hate going to places and their menu isn’t focused. Just makes the Chef look like a nut job). Chef Haviland is on the money with her menu.

Wait staff was VERY helpful in helping us place our order along with a fast refill on all our coffee. Nice job!

Biscuits:  Cheddar scallion biscuits topped with soft scrambled eggs and sausage gravy. Served with hash brown potatoes and grapes. (Food Network’s Guy Fieri ate this)

Let me tell you a story…of how I almost wet my pants cause this was SO good. Perfect amount of gravy to cover their homemade cheddar biscuits. I probably would have eaten a dozen of the biscuits alone which were perfectly baked and so rich and delicious. Perfect I tell you-PERFECT.

Lucky's Biscuits

And the secret? Hidden under this glorious gravy, was a perfectly cooked scrambled egg. PERFECTLY COOKED EGG.

The sexiest scrambled egg I have ever seen

Chef Haviland has mastered Jacques Pepin’s eggs (if you know what I mean).

Top it all off was a generous amount of green onions. I love green onions-LOVE THEM! The pungent green onions comforted me throughout breakfast.

BTW-I love grapes on my plate. The little burst of the grape cleanses my palate and is the perfect garnish (rather than that stupid old piece of parsley).

Waffles: Vanilla Bean Buttermilk waffles topped with warm strawberry rhubarb compote, honeyed whip cream, and striped with house-made caramel sauce.

Not often we order waffles as its more the “standard” IHOP option. But the “vanilla bean” and “rhubarb compote” caught our eye. Waffles were perfectly cooked and the perfect amount of topping graced the tops making this a great start to our Sunday. Just delicious. The caramel sauce (of course house made) that was drizzled on, was the perfect amount. And so beautiful too.

Waffle me please


Lucky Reuben (Food Network’s Guy Fieri LOVED this): Corned beef, sauerkraut, rye bread and Thousand Island dressing all house made, served with Swiss cheese, chips and a pickle.

And of course we had to try their TV-famous reuben right? Wouldn’t you? House-made corned beef, house-made sauerkraut, house-baked and fresh-baked rye bread, house-made thousand island dressing, etc…WTH! Did you shape and fire the plate too? Damn, Chef Haviland is putting us to shame!

“Can you taste all this house-made stuff?” or “Was it that good?”

Let me calm the masses cause this Reuben falls into my super category of “The best thing I ever ate”.

Just look at the juicy corned beef-you can actually see the pieces falling melting off/apart. The melted cheese keeping its territory on the corned beef while harmoniously melds the beef and the outstandingly toasted rye bread together for a masterpiece of a sandwich. I would rub this sandwich all over my body…and yours.

Lucky's Reuben

Not going to lie, after finishing the reuben, I kinda wanted an after-sex cigarette.

As we sipped our coffee, fat and content, I noticed some house-made ketchup on the table.

So. Impressed. With. Housemade. Ketchup.

Feeling a little portly, I had a moment of food remorse as I thought I should have ordered the House Made Granola, the Shipwreck, the Breakfast Burrito, or the Vietnamese Grinder.

Maybe I should have worn elastic pants.

SO–If you want an outstanding knock your socks off breakfast with a hint of gardening…go to Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont.

Wishing you luck in parking….Breakfast with Chef Haviland will leave you speechless as the food is so ono!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…


Of course the days we were out goofing off in the farms…it happened. 

We pondered our tomato patches, our rows of green onions, our (hopeful) gigantic celery, Mother Nature and Cleveland decided to party it up and bring the freeze. Dammit. 

Crazy cukes

One of our largest beefsteak tomato plant today

One of our largest beefsteak tomato plant today

Gigantic Celery

Well, like good little farmers, we covered up everything so we should be OK. Also checked out the rows of green onions today and it didn’t seem like much has changed….whew. And yes, we needed the rain (cold rain isn’t THAT great). 

We hoped you planted your stuff already too. 

Is it summer yet? 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms

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