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After a busy few weeks, we opted for a road trip to Chicago with our entire staff. And in our travels, on a recommendation from fellow foodies in Chicago, we opted for breakfast at Mhenry.

Mhenry in Chicago

Located on Clark, this breakfast, brunch, and lunch place is located in Mandersonville Andersonville in Chicago’s northside. Outside benches greeted us with lots of people…aka long wait. But I guess they knew of our celebrity status blog, so we were seated within 5 minutes. Bonus!

Waiting area at Mhenry

Check in desk is surrounded by a bakery with fresh-baked goodies emanating from the counter-of course I was drooling. Luckily the gal next to me admittedly was ogling the bakery fresh goodies too as we sipped on our warm coffees waiting. And no, I wasn’t drooling over her…

Bakery and Soup station and Cafe....

Upon seating, found that the restaurant was bustling for a Sunday brunch with great decor hanging from the ceiling.

Cause I'm free....Free floating...

The free-floating windows were pretty cool…but several of the patrons bumped it with their ba-dunka-dunks. Great entertainment for a Sunday brunch.

Mind your ba-dunka-dunk

Service was quick and the coffee refills came fast…which included pouring coffee from 3 ft in the air. Entertainment with food? Of course!

Chow for now

The restaurants mantra “Chow for now” is pretty awesome. Why didn’t I think of that!
Bacon wrapped baked eggs with polenta & mixed field greens: a savory veggie quiche filled with roasted poblano pepper, mushrooms, asparagus, shallots, goat and fontina cheese served with a field greens salad – $8.75

On a bed of lettuce

Wait, did you say bacon? Give me the money shot!


Damn-how can you go wrong when you’re wrapping polenta in bacon?

M.Henry’s home comfort brunch plate: two eggs any style with salsa verde, served w/a butternut squash & applewood bacon crepe, and cranberry cognac chicken sausage, drizzled w/a red wine syrup – $11.75

Mhenry's "home comfort brunch plate"

I have yet to meet someone who grew up with butternut squash daily in their house. So maybe just potatoes. Also your salsa verde taster isn’t much appreciated – be bold. And if you’re going to place a “home comfort” plate on your menu, I suggest you reconsider and smother some gravy somewhere. Now that’s home! “Red wine syrup”? But why? Excuse me, can I have some maple syrup please?

Pardon while I daintly eat this with my pinky up.

Huevos borrachos (drunken eggs): two of our homemade masa tortillas topped w/ scrambled chorizo anc corn, avocado slices, chihuahua cheese, poached eggs, sour cream & a choice of ou homemade red adobo sauce served w/ mexicali rice and sweet plantains – $10.75.

Mhenry's version of Kegs and Eggs

Delicious! I also like how the red adobo creeps into the rice.

Macro of the Kegs and Eggs


Fannie’s killer fried egg sandwich: toasted sour boule layered w/ two over-medium eggs, applewood bacon, slicked plum tomatoes, gorgonzola, & fresh thyme and served with house potatoes – $8.95.

Egg me bitches

First off, I love eggs – eggslut for sure. The fact that the two types of cheese mixed with the yolk, was just beautiful. The tomatoes were OK, but I kinda wished they roasted them slightly to give them a bit more sweet flavor.


Sourdough bread perfectly prepared and good choice in cheese too as it compliments the tomatoes and eggs.

Bite me!

The bads? No bacon. None. AAARRRUUUUGGGHHHH! WTF!

But I guess can overlook the bacon mishap since your eggs were cooked perfectly.

Ahem-let me share with you this sandwich’s virginity. First bite and squirt.

Here's the money shot - Don't move, I'll get you a towel.

Need a cigarette?

Overall, the service was great and the food was pretty dang good. Just BYOB (bacon).

And no, we’re still not passing up the Portuguese Sausage, eggs and rice.

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