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Back to LA!

While we tooled around in LA, we decided to hunt for the famous Nomnomtruck (@nomnomtruck).

Hello Nomnomtruck !

For those of you who have been hiding out in your Zombie bunker with your Zac Morris phone, a new food revolution of mobile food trucks have infiltrated the country. Gaining in popularity, the Kolgi Trucks (@KolgiBBQ) in LA seemed to start this mobile food charge. Even here in Cleveland, @DimandDenSum has flourished especially in this food-centric town.

And of course @FoodNetwork did a show featuring all these mobile food trucks “The Great Food Truck Race”. LA Times did a great recap here.

We also gave you our teaser onsite here…but as promised, here’s our “full monty” post.

Finding these trucks? Easy as pie – TWITTER. That’s right, you gotta check out “the Twitter” in order to get THE BEST BANH MI I’VE EVER HAD. ***Stop the presses and hold the line…I repeat – THE BEST BANH MI I’VE EVER HAD.***

So wash away your predisposed notions of food trucks because this banh mi will change your life.


What is a “Nomnom”? Well, it’s the sound I make when humping. But OFFICIALLY, according to : “Represents the sound made when someone is eating or chewing something and really enjoying it.” Got it?

And to aid in your Banh Mi issues, see chart below.

Banh mi diagram

SO – I’d like to introduce you to the best banh mi I’ve ever had. Whisper your hellos now. And don’t kid yourself. This sandwich was clearly over a foot long (heh heh) with the most perfect French baguette ever.

Nomnomtruck's Banh mi - Open wide as its bigger than 12-inches

Start to wipe up your drool as the first bite was heavenly! As you can see, there was a large amount of pickled carrots and turnips with grilled pork. Pickled veggies were crisp and crunchy – absolutely necessary. The BBQ grilled pork with sweet honey glaze and lemon grass chicken we had was seasoned perfectly and so moist. The Bread was awesome – crisp outside and soft inner. BTW-That soft inner will soak up the rest of the flavors making sure you don’t miss a bite. And the kicker? Basically an entire bush of cilantro.

The best banh mi I've ever had

This proportion was PERFECT.

First bite perfection

With the sweet/sour crunch from the pickled veggies and then the salty/sweet savory from the meats…I almost passed out. Then you add the soft inner of the french baguette with the crispy crunchy outsides mixed with everything inside – texturally this banh mi is pure heaven. Cross section please!

Side view of perfection

As you can see, the crews were stuffing the banh mi full of stuff.

Stuff it!

And the mix of flavors were absolutely heavenly.

Delicious and sexy

Even as we neared the end of our first sandwich, pork and chicken were still seasoned well and so juicy. The additional layer of mayo probably helped keep things juicy. Mix the sauce with some mayo and baguette….DAAAAMMMMMMNNNNN.

Hey-Here's a napkin to wipe your drool

Now we have chowed a TON of banh mi across the US…even here in Cleveland we’ve reviewed Superior Pho, Chinatown’s markets Banh Mi, Bac, etc…..But thanks to the crew from the Nomnomtruck, I now have a new favorite banh mi.

Drinky drinky? Even on a gloomy rainy day in LA, the basil mint lemonade hit the spot.

Slurp slurp slurp

We chatted with their crews for a long while and despite their busy schedule, they were TOTALLY cool. They report that their sales have exponentially grown since the Food Network show. Obviously they are good friends with the winners as the Nomnomtruck does joint events with GrillEmAll.

The hot Nomnomtruck gal

Ahem-the hot chick serving my banh mi was awesome too. I repeat, HOT chick (Josh and Justin take note).

Like a crack whore jonesing for the next hit, I too have the shakes as I am craving the best banh mi sandwich ever. FYI-since returning from LA, I’ve had at least a dozen dreams about this specific banh mi. Munchamuncha

Mark this in your travel logs for LA/California…Maybe I should apply for a job there.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…


Hello Saturday!

Since we are still under construction, we will be making gallons of mojitos today to help with our out of control mint.

Our out of control mint

Yep-Trying to reduce our mint forest today.

Free mojitos!

That’s right…free mojitos all night long tonight!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Busy in the garden today…tending to the kids. 

Few notes: 

1. I do NOT like deer. 

2. I do NOT like slugs. 

3. I do NOT like beavers, groundhogs, etc… 

4. The mint plant is hitting on my sister again! 

5. And I think everyone has a different opinion about size. Proof pictured below is our “Gigantic Celery” from the Apiaceae family. Gigantic celery…it is not. 

Our tiny "gigantic" celery - Ahem, size matters


On another unrelated note: QuarryLaneFarms will be closed for major construction/ renovations from 07/20 thru 07/25. And thanks for your patience.   

Amidst the dust and debris – Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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