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W-T-Falafel is this?

Stopped by Whole Foods for a quick bite. Feeling a little subterranean Mediterranean  so I quickly grabbed this lunch box.

heh heh….I said box.

Falafel Wrap Lunch Box – $6.99

Falafel Wrap Lunch Box

Definitely heavy for its size. Upon opening said lunch box,  I found this mess.

The mess in my lunch box

Weird and goopy-this can’t be typical right?

The spinach was fairly crisp, but the tomatoes were a bit…well mushy, not good.

Additionally, whomever prepared this hates salt. Bland and tasteless…just like your mom.

I almost felt it was more like Ethiopian food where one would use the three finger poi method to sling it in your mouth. No fork needed.

Soggy Sally indeed!

Wrap was soggy. Not cool.

This was by far the worst lunch box I’d ever eaten.

Speaking of the worst lunch box…

The worst…um….

I just threw up in my mouth.

Hope your Tuesday was better than mine.

Reporting from QuarryLaneFarms…

Zooming down to Summit county, we decided that a trip to the relatively new fangled Flip Side.

Located next to the Captain Obvious One Red Door, Flip Side is a smaller burger joint than I expected.

Flipside located next to....duh One Red Door

Same owners and I think Chef Shawn Monday oversees both.

We waited for 30 minutes for a table for four. Gladly, we nuzzled our way to the bar for a few beers. Maxamuffin would be proud.

Despite not having as many beverage choices as those party animals at the Brickskeller in Washington DC, Flip Burger’s Stella was rather lukewarm. Gladly ordered a different beer on the next turn.

Being egg sluts for the day, we opted for the Shawn’s Burger-$8.5.

Fried Egg on a burger with bacon, farmhouse cheese, flat top onions, spicy pickles and mayo.

Flipside's Shawn's Burger

Not so much on the spicy pickes…more like “pickle”. Farmhouse cheese was melted well and I do like the mayo separate. Lettuce and tomato looked like the supermarket special. And correct me if I’m wrong, but those onions don’t look so “flat top”ed to me. The egg was indeed sexy.

The actual burger was cooked well…medium rare. Nice job to the line.

Medium rare = Nice job

Also decided to grinds their namesake burger – The FlipSide burger -$8.5

with 2-year old cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, charred balsamic vinegar red onions and house made BBQ sauce.

Flipside burger

Bacon was prepared and then manhandled placed on the burger by a blind guy who suffers from intermittant seizures. Also appears that the cheese was sliced and placed by the same guy too. We couldn’t taste the 2-year old aging process. Needed more charred balsamic vinegar red onions. Housemade BBQ sauce wasn’t anything special…but perhaps if you call it “housemade” in Hudson, those soccer moms wet their panties. But I admit that I really do enjoy sesame seed buns too.

Comparatively, we believe B-spot has the patty thing down pat. Their beef is from La Freida in NY and we like them.

Did we get some sides? Of course!

We HAD to get the fries since they were listed as “triple cooked” with salt & herbs $3.5

Flipside triple cooked french fries

We opted for the clean ones w/ no special toppings so we could see/taste the real deal. Indeed they were! Fries were excellent, well seasoned, great outside crunch. Well done lads!

Obviously the litmus test of a good burger joint is their detail to onion ring, so we ordered the Crispy chili rubbed Onion Rings w/ remoulade – $5.

Flipside Onion rings

Flipside’s Onion rings were straight freezer bag from Aldi’s. The heavy-handed coating of chili powder doused on my the epileptic fry station guy could not hide these store-bought specials. Blah.

*WARNING* In checking out their website, FlipSide has some great music playing. But the AUTO play should be killed along with the webmaster who bamboozled the manager as a “good idea”. People, use the internets – don’t abuse it. BTW-I HATE when you auto play things on your website.

Regardless, for those Summit county soccer moms who incessantly babble about their mini-van seats and gossip about their skanky PTA members, Flipside will have them squirting with joy in beautiful Hudson. Not me.

The Real Housewives

If they were in Cleveland, I know the Real Housewives of Fuckville would dine at BSpot (Thanks to Chef Symon).

Burger in the world?!?! We still guarantee that the best burger in the world can be found here.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

A post from several Cleveland Area Foodies/Ohio food nuts about SPAM reminded us of our ALL TIME FAVORITE dishes: Hawaii Fried Rice or Spam Fried Rice.   

Yes, Spam is one of my most favorite items…ever. Because I grew up in Hawaii, cheap eats, etc…whatever the reason, I like it. And honestly, you can’t say you don’t like it if you never had it. Trust me.   

Spam Hawaii Collector's Edition

So to help you understand, our infatuation with this dish we hold close to our heart we offer this mouth-watering glimpse in descriptions and pictures below.   

Personally, this delicious dish evokes strong memories of childhood stemming from mother who made this all the time. Almost all Chefs of any caliber will reminisce about dishes they had growing up. In fact Alton Brown (Food Network) gushed about it in an entire episode about his MaMae’s biscuits, Giada DeLaurentiis (Food Network) gushed about it on The Best Thing I Ever Ate with her chocolate hazelnut purse, and Anthony Bourdain (Travel Channel) dedicated an entire episode with his brother on his childhood in France/New England.   

Of course, this dish has evolved and tweaked a little but the basic premiss has remained true.   

Spam Fried Rice

Ingredients (in order of appearance): Rice (preferably day old), Vegi oil, shoyu (prefer Aloha shoyu), minced onions, garlic salt, how yeow (Oyster sauce), diced Spam, peas, carrots, shredded eggs, and garlic.   

How does it taste? The moist chunks of well seasoned rice brings everything together. The Spam itself has a nice crust on the outside which compliments the eggs and onions. The peas and carrots are a nice add for flavor and color…also a perfect way to get the kids to eat veggies too. Salty, slightly sweet, and definitely savory – what more could you ask for in one bowl. For those texture folks, every once in a while, you get a slightly crunchy rice chunk which is similar to the paella socarrat bottom rice of paella or Bi Bim Bapp sesame oil crusted (socarrat vs dol sot). Additionally the last-minute add of green onions add a slight onion-ey flavor that is sublime (Also fresh picked from our green onion patch helps too). Heaven in a bowl that you can shovel with a spoon…basically all the factors of a great childhood meal in one big bowl.  

Oooo Spam

Our latest guests have initially viewed this dish with apprehension and a faint heart. Once on the table, they LOVE ADORE it.   

Sometimes served extra fancy with a sunny side egg on top…Mmmmm! When you break into the egg, the yolk seeps into the dish. As Anthony Bourdain would say, “Eggslut”.   

Here at QuarryLaneFarms, we often push this childhood dish to help them to be adventurous in their exploration of food. Trust me…order it – you won’t be disappointed. 

Also – special thanks to my Mother for making this dish for me all the time.  

Ma-please make this in December for me

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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