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C’mon Heinen’s!

Does “fresh” really have heavy freezer burn? Can’t tell if it was a storage thing or what?!?

Frost bitten Ahi - SMH

I can’t use that to serve our QLF’s Deluxe Bento Boxes…

QLF's Deluxe Bento Box

…with sashimi plate.

QLF's sashimi plate

Granted, I grew up with the best fishmongers around at Tamashiro Market.

Tamashiro Market: As fresh as it gets...

But again, let’s try to be a bit more fresh.!

Yeah, I’d buy that.

Maybe we’ll just tell everyone to go to Hodge’s tonight…

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Returning to the downtown scene at the Cleveland ChopHouse & Brewery…craving the Chop Chop Salad.

Cleveland ChopHouse - Chop Chop Salad

Chop Chop: Crisp greens tossed with smoked turkey, garbanzo beans, roasted pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, Gouda, sun-dried bluebereries and avocado tossed in herb vinaigrette – $13.95

Few QLF thoughts:

1. Dressing on the side is always a good idea.

2. Gotta find some sun-dried blueberries.

3. Still big (TWSS)

4. Doesn’t this come with focaccia or some sort of bread.

5. It costs $13.95 for a salad? Um……er…….”I’m over it now”.

Well, I guess things change…Salad was better before.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Alright alright…

Part-1: here

Part-2: here

Part-3…you guess it…

C is for cookie....

You just gotta go to A Cookie and a Cupcake in Tremont neighborhood (OH) to get their peanut butter cookie.


The bakery staff asked me why I liked THIS cookie compared to others.

I like the soft insides…

I like my cookies moist (#TWSS)

Just so soft cookie…

The little raw innards…

The more firm outside crust…

The larger chunks of peanuts…

The warm cookie…

The size…cause size matters…

Maybe its the peanuts they import from bumpkissville…who the hell knows! All I know is I jones for their peanut butter cookie.

The bakery staff asked how bad were my cravings for this peanut butter cookie.

I told them I would put their peanut butter cookie in my pants and run around the block…its that damn good.

#munchamuncha these cookies

C is also for cupcake…But I rarely eat them.

That monster is all over your pants...

Yo Superhero-just order a 4 dozen peanut butter cookies. Your mouth and pants will thank you later.

Also-congrats to Exploring Food My Way food blogger @tnoe27 for guessing right.

BTW-if you’re in Columbus today, catch us at 160 S High Street where we’ll be spocking the @hodgepodgetruck and Chris (yes, the same ones famous now on @FoodNetwork ).

Your lunch is on us today @hodgepodgetruck if you utter the QLF secret password for today “Haupia”

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…and day tripping to Columbus!

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