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So a while ago, Top Chef contestant Hung talked about Four Season Rice Pot.

Top Chef Contestant Hung

In fact, a recent rerun of No Reservations in Hong Kong featured this delicious sausage filled dish on Temple Street as Anthony Bourdain and Josh devoured this one-clay-pot-wonder.

Anthony Bourdain in Hong Kong

So running on yellow fever, we decided to give this one-pot-wonder a try.

How to make this complex dish? Basically throw everything into a pot and bring to a boil. Wild mushrooms, onions, shoyu, bamboo shoots, green onions, white pepper, salt, garlic, white onions, rice, chicken stock, water, sesame oil, and Leup cheong.

Half way done....

As the pot cooks for about 45 minutes, the sausage goodness seeps into the rice and permeates the entire pot. All the veggies do the same but the mushrooms soak up all the savory flavors.

Steamy one pot love

Check out the final mixa-mixa.

Hung better bet right - let's dig in

Sweet from the sausage goodness that envelopes the room once the cover is removed.

Salty from the mushrooms which sucked up all the deliciousness from all the players in the pot.

And hints of spicy from the chili pepper flakes which speckled evenly throughout the dish.

Savory from the garlic and shoyu which help melt everything together into one happy family.

As we unearth the final few bites…we found that our rice could have used a bit more sesame oil. More browning  = more crispiness.

Sausage and rice is so SO nice

But overall, we pretty much got that crispy bottom.

Crispy browned rice thanks to our clay bowls

Awww yeah.

Brown bottom indeed

Who’s your crispy rice bottom daddy?

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Eat at Joe’s…OK-we’ll bite.

Let’s see whatcha got.

Oddly tucked next to the South Euclid CVS Pharmacy and a hairdo place on Mayfield Road, Eat at Joe’s is your typical local greasy spoon that has a very narrow service time.

About 15 tables and a counter make up the entire seating arrangements so expect to wait in line. Geriatric folks tend to eat slowly.

It's 1:30p and old people are still eating breakfast?!!?!?!?

Navigating to our seats, we had to contort and maneuver around the conglomeration of walkers with tennis balls. Danger indeed!

Their gigantic daily special of spinach, feta, mushroom omelette with a side of sausage patty with white bread $6.95

Large omelette of stuff

Just OK. Nothing special. Anyone could have made it at home.

Eggs benedict with a side of hash browns – $5.95

Eggs Benedict from Eat at Joe's

I bet they had a really tall large muscular obese fat guy sit on all their english muffins…cause this place has the thinnest english muffins in the world – Wafer thin. Not cool.

Just my opinion, but I like my english muffins to soak up some of the hollandaise sauce and egg yolks. That’s the sexiness of eggs benedict right?

Need it more yolky pls

When your eggs are thicker than your english muffins, you’re not following the directions.

Eggs were a bit overcooked and the ham was OK.

Definitely need more yolky and hollandaisey pls

Also I would have preferred to have those sausage patties instead of ham.

But the hashbrowns were perfect-Nice!

White toast.

Capt. Exciting - White Toast

The place is named after the owner’s father…who boxed with some famous people.

I wish he would have explained in more detail how it related to food or diner and the name “Eat at Joe’s”….but maybe they were going back to perfect their egg techniques or sit on more english muffins.

Our overall review of Eat at Joe’s? Meh.

Well, I can sit on my own english muffins too.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

“Love the smell of Portuguese Sausage in the morning”

P-sausage is P-erfect

Back on the line…man, I missed it.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

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