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Last night’s service: Bento box!

As all the ladies say, “Totemo kawaii!”

QuarryLaneFarms' Dinner Bento Box

Molokai’i steak w/ carmelized onions and mushrooms, nappa zuke, Golden Delicious apples from Chesterland, rice w/ sesame seeds, and a chilled soba salad with our favorite, pink kamaboko with a miso vinaigrette sriracha soba sauce.

Lots of pieces and parts, but the compartments made it easy for service.

Maybe we should open up an Okazuya in the CLE (hmmmmm)

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…


We’ve been to XYZ the Tavern a bunch of times…and everyone there raves about their food.

Our response…well…er…um….

So we decided to munchamuncha at XYZ the Tavern (@XYZtheTavern) located in the Gordon Square/Detroit Shoreway neioghborhood in Cleveland.

On Detroit Ave

Located at 6419 Detroit Ave in Cleveland….this is the sister ship tavern of the Cleveland famous ABC Tavern at 1872 W 25th St in Cleveland.

A few interesting tidbits about the menu – the guy planning out this menu must be having a threesome with a Japanese chick and an Italian chick…cause they are serving Country Fried Chicken & Waffles and Soba noodles and Gnocchi du jour!?!!?! WTH? Put those three together and it sounds like the start of a great prono!

Variety right?

Well, let me rephrase that for all those Food Network drones…

Triple D style....


Alan’s got one tavern in Cleveland…and decides he wants another one.

But he doesn’t want to drive too far.

So he grabs his two buddies – Chef Kelly and Chef Reichart…Drinks alot of Mountain Dew…

And comes up with a menu with good scratch cooking…with some “higher priced chunks of beef”…

This…is XYZ Tavern.

Winner winner chicken dinner....

Heh heh heh.

Country Fried Chicken & Waffles: with savory gravy and/or real Ohio maple syrup – $10

Chicken & waffles with maple syrup and gravy

Basically this is gigantic chicken tenders lanced with quartered waffles.

Sweet, salty, savory….the only thing we wanted was spicy. Bring on the Siracha!

For your decision whether to get gravy or waffles? Get both.

XYZ the Tavern Reuben –

XYZ the Tavern's Reuben

Oh yes we opted this guy with extra order of gravy.

Fries came out extra oily and lukewarm.


Additionally, the fries were droopy. Not cool.

The flaccid fries at XYZ the Tavern

Corned beef was well marbled but could have used more time in. Comparatively, we like Corky & Lenny’s, Jacks, Slyman’s, and Lucky’s better.


But in the heat of the moment, this sandwich would do since the near west side seems to have a lack of corned beef places in my drunken stupor.

Should we?

Go for a swim?

Oh yeah, we decided to go big and dip our reuben IN the gravy.

Ahhhh yes.....Gravy goodness

Delicious…..just delicious.

Now the best part of our visit? Hands down – the staff. (how often do we get to say that?!?!?!)

Three sips of water, and different wait staff was Johnny on the spot to fill our glasses.

Needing another napkin, the waitress from another table rushed one to us w/in 30 seconds.

Half way done with my Stella, a different waiter slid in and asked if I wanted another.

And then another staff member brought us our beers! Halleuja!

Beer me please...

This cohesive team of wait staff are incredible!

Yes, the staff members/bar tenders at XYZ the Tavern will have us coming back again and again and again…

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….

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