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Someone asked me today, “How do you know you’re at a hardcore Korean restaurant?”

I showed them this picture.

Bi Bim Bapp service prep at Choi’s

I also educated them in looking for these tell-tale identifiers too:

1. When the FOB waitress mixes your dol sot bi bim bapp right in front of you in the heaviest bowls on the most flimsy tray….

2. Typical stainless steel vat of ko chu jeun ready for use….

3. When the waitress doesn’t speak any English and pretty much yells at you in Korean…

Ahhh yes, I will be needing some Bi Bim Bapp very soon.

Who knows–Maybe this year, I’ll actually make more than just cucumber kim chee!

Good girls don’t eat Kim Chee

Annyeong haseyo bitches!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…

Spending time in Columbus Ohio bothers me.

Apparently the glut of chain restaurants are suffocating Columbus. This place should be renamed #Boringville cause I haven’t seen an individual restie.


Lunch today was rather bland – But it included this surprising vat of love.

Cheezy goodness

3 types of melted cheese with chunks of chorizo. Served with chips and/or warm tortilla shells…dip as you please.


1. Haven’t a clue on what it’s called (It’s not queso).

2. All this cheese probably wasn’t very healthy.

3. Don’t know how much it costs (I think it was $6).

BUT-I love it. I’d put this melty cheezy sausagie molten mess on an 80-year-old prostitute’s flabby belly and I’d lick it out of her crusty sagging rusted belly button ring. It’s that cheezy good.

I'll give you a table dance after I finish my Metamuecil

I bet you pictured it didn’t you?

But to my rescue come the Cleveland Food Nerds: @Live2cookathome @ruhlman @Jonathon_sawyer @PoiseInParma @heidi_robb with some great food recs.

So I’m projecting a night of NorthStar, Skillet, and Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog House.

Dirty Frank’s…sounds like my kinda place.

Reporting live from Cbus’ overpopulated of chain eateries.

FoodBuzz Featured Publisher


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