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Wait a second….Cobb salad?

Our Cobb Salad for two

Yes, here’s your cobb salad sir……What do you mean? Wrong?

Macro of QLF's Cobb Salad

QLF Cobb Salad: Grilled chicken, red onions, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, bacon, avocado, hard-boiled egg, and bleu cheese served on a bed of iceberg lettuce and olive oil/red wine vinaigrette

Hold the phone…

Ok-I just did some internets-ing and it’s supposed to have watercress. Fricka.

Wikipedia-you suck. Besides, I don’t know Roquefort…but I know Bleu – You’re my boy Blue!


Besides, I think if I was going to the Hollywood Brown Derby, I would order….well, something brown.

Reported the orig Cobb Salad at the Hollywood Brown Derby (CA) thanks to Disney for pic

But what do I know about food cause I’ve been doing it all wrong these years.

We’re not changing our menu #Muncha

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….


Busy morning! 

Deep in the heart of our lettuce patch

Aside from tending to the tomato patch, corn rows, the “giant” celery, herb garden, and lettuce patch this AM, we were reflecting on the amount of sushi we had last night. Note: Once that sushi ball starts rolling, nothing can stop it. 

A formal review will be forthcoming about Aeoshi Cafe in Cleveland Heights our quiet secret little place for sushi. But to get you drooling we submit these two pictures for your review. 

First off, we feel that Aeoshi Cafe has THE BEST EEL in Cleveland. Hands down the best

The BEST Eel in Cleveland

 Sorry Sushi Rock (@SushiRockOhio), Matsu aka Sasa Matsu, Aryoshi, etc…they have you easily beat. It has to do with the eel itself, the sauce, and the rice. Can’t exactly explain it…except to say that for us, it is the best piece of eel around. Maybe this could be our cue to do an eel only post. Hmmmmmmm. 

Chirachi, at least in the Cleveland area, isn’t as popular when compared to other Japanese entrees (blah standard teriyaki chicken). But the large variety of various fish, roe, and bed of sushi rice, trust me, this is the best value type of sushi for your money. For those that can’t figure it out, here a link to a previous entree (haha) about Chirachi or if you need, here’s the Wikipedia entree too (haha-detailed huh?). 

Chirachi, Sushi for Foodies

 Often times, spelling is slightly different. Chirachi, Chirshi, Cherashi (OK-if they spell it “Cherashi” don’t eat it). But count on a standard order from us as we feel this as the standard comparison for quality and sushi preparation. More details? We’ll dive deeper into it later. 

So that being said, I applaude those that try something new or even just a new place. Surprising, small mom and pop operations yeild superb experiences that cannot be duplicated by national chains…no matter how good their market. Because “Eatin’ good in the neighborhood” rhymes better than it really is… 


Adventurous foodies and diners that take that extra step, are rewarded with a chef’s smile and food from their hearts.

Muncha muncha! 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms… 

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