Let’s cut to the chase – I love food. I really really love food. So to help me understand my food, I decided that I wanted to cook. I figured I start with the food I grew up with…then progress on. Easy right?

Oh yeah, QuarryLaneFarms has been around since 2003…serving up meals to our fine guests from all over the world. Since becoming “the guy who cooks” at QuarryLaneFarms, I have been given a chance to cook and expand my horizons.

My life at nights and weekends are now consumed by grills, smokers, kitchen, etc…trying dishes that I dream up during the day.

If you have any questions, just contact us:

Twitter:   www.twitter.com/QuarryLaneFarms

Email us at   QuarryLaneFarms@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy eating through the rest of the blog!