Man, is it almost lunch?

Just thinking about our most recent travels to Chicago…And Penny’s in Chicago has been a long-standing staple of great superb cheap Vietnamese eats in Chicago. Ah yes, the Windy City!

So let’s review our standard order shall we?

Pad Thai-Thin rice noodles stir fried in our Pad Thai Sauce with egg, bean sprouts, green onions and ground peanuts then garnished with fresh bean sprouts, red cabbage and cilantro. Your choice of chicken, beef or tofu – $7.75

Penny's Pad Thai

This is some great pad thai thanks to the crunchy bean sprouts and cabbage – Great large noodle dish! Obviously we use Pad Thai as our litmus test for Vietnamese resties…and Penny’s does not disappoint. Best part is the price at $7.75! #muncha

Lad Nar – Stir fried broccoli, carrots and ginger in a light gravy served over crispy pan fried wide rice noodles and your choice of chicken, beef or tofu – $7.75

Penny's Lad Nar

Crispy noodles and savory sauce is all you need to know about this dish. The sauce is the classic brown sauce…added in the textural differences in noodles and proteins = perfection.

I just wet my pants looking at the above picture.

Note: If you’re going to “take away” aka carry out your order, make sure you ask to separate noodles from sauce so you’ll achieve maximum crispy noodles.

Take away? Curbside? Take out? Pickup?

We’ve also tried this same dish labeled “Lad Nar” or “Lard Nar” in hundreds of other Vietnamese resties too.

Sadly, no other place has been able to even come close.

Chicago + Penny’s = Lad Nar. Dunzo!

So if you happen to be in beautiful Chicago, stop by at any one of their 5 locations for some of the best deals in Vietnamese grub.

And yes, their Lad Nar is classified in my “The Best Thing I ever Ate” category.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms….