We’ve been talking about it for quite a while now and FINALLY got a chance to take our entire staff to B-Spot. As most of you know, made famous by the TV show Iron Chef America on Food Network, Lola, Lolita, Michael Symon does not skimp on awesomeness in this small but very quaint locale…in a strip mall.

Iron Chef Michael Symon

First came the beverages…and I was already in awe. 

Last time I had a bourbon beer was at the Greenhouse Tavern – it was OK. B good. But at B-Spot, the gal recommended the Lexington Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel American Strong Ale Kentucky. It is 7% alcohol, $5 for a pint, AND ON DRAFT?!?!!?? Put me in coach-PUT ME IN! 

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale-new favorite

I was already enjoying myself with a “beer menu” too long to comprehend. Good work Symon. This particular beer was not as sweet as some other bourbon beers I have had…which was nice since I didn’t want to drink a fruity beer with my pinky up. I honestly wanted to guzzle this superb beer…but after opening the menu, I knew had to focus on dinner. 

We gazed around the place and was quite inspired by the mural on the wall of exotic beer cans. In college, we did something like this, but not quite this large scale. Thanks Mike for inviting us to help drink your decorations together. Groovy. 

Decorations aka the beer shrine

Fries came first, served in a stainless steel rocks glass, fries were hot crispy and definitely well seasoned shoestringers. I personally hate when restaurants don’t salt their fries post cooking/hot…it just doesn’t stick to the fries itself. This half-assed after frying actions will force the eaters to heavily dip said fries in condiments. Just shows that the restaurant lacks the intelligence to make fries. 

B-Spots’ Fries (or actually, they are Lola’s Fries) were salted with sea salt and rosemary as soon as they emerged from the Fry-o-lator 5000. When she slid the cup on the table, we caught a wiff of the rosemary. Crispy outside and well-flavored w/ salt and rosemary. Stopped us in mid sentence. These fries are just heavenly. 

Lola Fries w/ sea salt and rosemary

I can’t seem to eat a burger without onion rings…that’s right, I said it – ONION RINGS. (McDonald’s: You’ve been ignoring my requests for years now – Suck it). These onion rings are real and have the actual onion in them…like first bite, pull just the onion out of the ring and burn your lower lip/chin hot. Also well seasoned w/ sea salt – nice job. On the table, there were 6 labeled bottles of dipping sauces including Cleveland own Bertman’s Mustard, plain ketcup, BBQ, balsamic steak seasoning, and (in our opinion) the winner winner ketchup sinner is the Lola Ketchup that has a nice hint of curry in it. So good. 

Onion rings - I love you

Ding ding – pull your pants up as the main event is upon us. 

I think I was drooling when my burger came into view. It was a short walk for our server (good thing, cause I was so freakin hungry). Oh, never mind that our waitress had a nice rack personality, I was staring at my burger. 

The New York Pat La Frieda blend of beef was well prepared and seasoned well (not smushed either on the grill). The au jus from the burger dripping into the bottom bun during the 2 minute rest period-nice respect. The fried bologna separated the layer of coleslaw and whip sauce. I don’t know what whip sauce is really made of, but it could have been Elmer’s glue and I still would have eaten it. And yes, that’s the American cheese meltyness getting involved with the top bun-gooey goodness. 

In my opinion, if a restaurant is offering up bologna on the menu, you should order it. Exotic? Comfort? Yes to both. And yes, I flashed back to my childhood memories with bologna and melted cheese. You would too…admit it. 

The bologna acts as the buffer: If the coleslaw touched the patty, it would make the coleslaw warm and the burger cold. Not good. In this case study, the bologna acts as the referee in this burger to separate them. Such a genius idea. Maybe I should use processed meats to separate people I don’t like. Na, don’t want to waste bologna. But seriously, such a genius idea. 

Was it good? It was like twins at 2am good…. 

Symon Says Burger - Yes sir!

Initially, I thought that the burger was smaller than a normal burger. Comparing it to the gigantor “chains” like Red Robin or Fat Burger, I believe Chef Symon made a good choice because I couldn’t eat anymore post burger, fries, beers, etc….  

Something also needs to be said about the bun too. Most times overlooked, the insides soaked up all the savory goodness from the cheese to the au jus from the patty, it really did its job. The outside of the bun was not the plain cookie cutter rubber stamp sesame seed bun you get from those fast food joints. It had a bagel like shell on the outside with chewyness that we last saw in Philly Cheesesteaks at Pats or Geno’s. Great bread makes a superb sandwich. Nuff said. 

Overall, our staff had a great experience stuffing our faces silly at Symon’s place. And yes, most of the staff admitted they went into food comas post dinner…typical. 

Located on Chagrin Blvd in an upscale vanilla cookie cutter Americana suburbia mall, they don’t take reservations so you gotta get there early to fight off the already drunk soccer moms and their mini vans. This concept of great burgers and a bunch ton of beers to choose from is just what Cleveland needs. “In this troubled economy…” (DRINK!) 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms… 

QuarryLaneFarms note: We did not receive any compensation from this meal in review of B-Spot. In fact, I am sure the staff didn’t know who the hell we were. Just fine with us.